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AUBURN: Dutch review  

AUBURN - GAME OF FAITH By Cis van Looy on 27 June 2019

The British singer Liz Lenten has been operating for some time under the name of her permanent backing band Auburn. Those musicians are no more to be found on the predecessors Love & Promises and Mixed Feelings , but her guitarist Mark Gustavina is mentioned as co-author of Float To Blue . Lenten again traveled to Nashville on her own , in the now familiar, fixed studio site of Thomm Jutz, TJ Tunes recorded fourteen tracks with session people like bass player Mark Fain and Lynn Williams on the drum kit.
It always takes some getting used to the separate voice timbre of Lenten that balances between whispering and singing to show her state of mind, sporadically she gets support from Britt Savage. In Game Of Faithpassing, as the subtitles reveal, just about every possible facet of a relationship.
The somewhat cut back instrumentation, at times we only hear fingerpicking like in the bluesy I Drank and the soft parlando debited Mishappen Fruit, a story that is situated in a supermarket in Barcelona. Jazzy chords send Bad Girl, Good Woman in Prosecco-Fuelled Profiles , supplemented with a subtle rhythm and an exuberant vocal interaction with Britt Savage .
Producer Jutz is a versatile string man and always knows how to create a perfect background with expressive performances. It is not only the laidback approach that at times reminds of JJ Cale as I Don't love Him , Red Velvet Pillow and It's Not Love unmistakably illustrate. Fans of that elusive Tulsa sound and the unique approach of Liz Lenten can also reconstruct their personalized 'Game of Faith' with the supplied card game.  

Tracklisting Game Of Faith:

1.       Game Of Faith
2.       Bad Girl, Good Woman (The Accomplice)
3.       I Don't Love Him (The Ex-Lover)
4.       I Drink (The Broken-Hearted Drunk)
5.       Prosecco-Fuelled Profiles (The Serial Dater)
6.       Trinidad (The Gold Digger)
7.       Red Velvet Pillow (The Spoilt Brat)
8.       Happy Nowhere (The Contented Dreamer)
9.       Misshapen Fruit (The Tenacious Survivor)
10.   It's Not Love (The Friend With Benefits)
11.   Float To Blue (The Loyal Friend)
12.   Spoke In The Wheel (The One-Night Stand)
13.   Like I Do (The Commitment-Phobe)
14.   His Arms (The Believer)


Liz Lenten formed AUBURN in the summer of 1999. Their first gig was at the jam-packed launch party of Scarlet Records held at the salubrious and smoky Madame JoJo’s in Soho to a..

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