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Auburn: Game Of Faith
In 1999 Britain’s Liz Lenten formed the band/project Auburn and has released a number of albums since with a ten year break somewhere in between. Her latest is titled Game Of Faith and an interesting album it is. The singer/songwriter combines elements of jazz, roots, Americana, pop and blues which makes for quite an enchanting concoction. This is a mellow disc, filled with chilled out grooves and catchy yet slightly unusual vocals. Lenten’s voice sort of reminds me of Kate Bush or perhaps Bjork. It’s all very artful and tastefully executed.
The title track that begins the disc has a bit of Bonnie Rait with its slinky guitar lines and ultra-cool groove. I like the bluesy feel of this one. In the roots rock/Americana of “Bad Girl, Good Woman” the mood is jaunty and upbeat. The jazzy vocals in “I Don’t love Him” are quite nice and the guitar produces some punchy riffs as the languid bass lines add to the laid back factor. “I Drank” is all rootsy guitar and vocals while “Prosecco-Fuelled Profiles” has a slight jazz pop inflection. Another winner is “Trinidad” with its well-crafted ‘60s-like guitar inflections.
For those into mellower forms of music, folk and Americana especially, Game Of Faith should have some staying power. A Scarlet Records release.
Track Listing:
1. Game Of Faith
2. Bad Girl, Good Woman
3. I Don’t Love Him
4. I Drank
5. Prosecco-Fuelled Profiles
6. Trinidad
7. Red Velvet Pillow
8. Happy Nowhere
9. Misshapen Fruit
10. It’s Not Love
11. Float To Blue
12. Spoke In The Wheel
13. Like I Do
14. His Arms
Added: September 8th 2019
Reviewer: Jon Neudorf


Liz Lenten formed AUBURN in the summer of 1999. Their first gig was at the jam-packed launch party of Scarlet Records held at the salubrious and smoky Madame JoJo’s in Soho to a..

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