Monday 28 February 2011


Well with all the various permutations of Yes and Yes members doing the rounds(Yes, Circa,YOSO, Anderson and Wakeman) I was wondering if the Anderson Wakeman Rabin collaboration that has been rumoured for ages now will finally be announced soon. The reason I am asking is because I have to say I am very excited by the potential contained in this particular trio.

Here at Gonzo we have worked with a great many of the members of Yes and have worked on a great many Yes and Yes related releases. In fact we are currently working on another Yes Archive release at the moment but it is early days yet so no more about that except to say it is going to be a release the Yesfans want.

Anyway as I said I am hoping that Jon Anderson Rick Wakeman and Trevor Rabin do decide to make an album together and also possibly tour. I know for a fact that Rick has long wanted to work with Trevor and hat Jon works well with Rick and also Trevor . So what is stopping them from getting on and doing something. Imagine the set list for a tour from these guys!

Well maybe we will hear soon whether that will be he case I have to say that despite being a bit of a Grumpy Old Man myself these days the thought of these three guys getting together really does excite me and at my age that really is saying something!

Fingers Crossed!!!

ABWH Live In Birmingham

Well having put the Expanded Edition of the debut Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe album to bed I can now turn my attention to the forthcoming Live album. Recorded in Birmingham during the one and only UK tour fom ABWH the live album is a fantastic show and different from the other live ABWH album An Evening Of Yes Music Plus.

The main difference being that Tony Levin is back in the line up following his hospitalisation and the removal of his appendix. Happily by the time the band made it to the UK he was back in tandem with Bill Bruford as an ace rhythm section powring the band through the material from the ABWH debut and also Yes Classics.

For those who are wondering there will also be a visual element to this release and I can also tell you that this footage has never been seen before anywhere so you can discount the ABWH rehearsal footage from just before the tour that has appeared on bootleg DVDs and Youtube.

This footage will form part of a limited edition and once the standard edition of the album is released the video will be gone so you are advised to keep a heads up on this one as I would hate you to miss this as the footage is fascinating!

For those of you interested in hearing a preview of the album you will find three live tracks from this release as bonus tracks on the aforemntioned self titled ABWH Expanded Edition

Rick Wakeman Archive release!!

Rick Wakeman will be embarking on a series of live dates throughout March and April under the heading "A Very Intimate Evening With Rick Wakeman"

While he is on tour Rick has agreed to record a specila podcast that will be used to promote a very special archive release coming out later in the year. The podcast should be around 90 minutes in length and will certainly be of interest to the massive fan base Rick commands.

Further information regarding the specifics of the release will be forthcoming shortly I can tell you however that every Rick Wakeman fan will definitely want this release.
More news Soon....Watch this space!


Far from being some a retort to someone who has hacked you off it is the title of a 2CD spoken word set from Mountain Drummer Corky Laing. Of course everyone knows that Mountain are one of the biggest bands in the world and for a while in the seventies Mountain's guitarist Leslie West was also one of the biggest guitarists in the world. (He is also one of the Best!)

Both Leslie and Corky still lead Mountain out n5regularly on tour across the world to a still large and dedicated audience.

Having interviewed Corky and Leslie a number of times it has to be said that both men have an inbcredible way with words and tell incredible stories.

Corky Laing has taken things a step further however an recorded a series of monolgues and Vigtnettes covering his life and career in Mountain.,Click on the link and you will be taken to Youtube and be able to listen to Corky telling you about his involvement with the Woodstock Festival and how he joined Mountain.

Did you also know that depsite never playing at Woodstock(He joined Mountain shortly after they played there) he receicved a Gold Disc. How Come I hear you say?

Well he overdubbed the cymbals on the Ten years After performance of Going Home as the recording suffered a techniocal hitch and as it was a hioghhlight it needed to be in the film and on the soundtrack album so Corky obliged and as the album was such a success he received a Gold Disc. Strange but true!

Check out the clip of Corky talking about Woodstock here

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Saturday 26 February 2011

More Yes Related Stuff Coming Soon!!!

Well seeing as the Union package has gone down so well we are now working on some other Yes related releases. The first down the tube will be the expanded Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe album with the original album remastered and an extra disc full of bonus tracks. The package will be limited at first and come in a fabulous digi pack. An ordinary release in a standard jewel case will follow.

We are also working on a fantastic live album from the British leg of the Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe tour. The double CD is Live in Birmingham and this also will be a limited edition with a visual element. Once the limited editions have gone the release will revert to the standard double CD without the visual element

Finally a very secret project is on the table. all we can say is that it will be Yes and also from a popular phase of their long and successful career!!!

Watch this space!!!!

Thursday 17 February 2011


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