Friday 16 December 2011

Gonzo's First Book The Trials Of Oz. Published on 40th anniversary of Trial

Gonzo Multimedia have published their first book. It is entitled The Trials of Oz and is written by the noted writer and film director Tony Palmer. Tony attended the trial and made notes during the proceedings of the celebrated trial on Obscenity.
The book which is a detailed account of the trial and what led up to the trial includes contributions from the defendants Richard Neville,Felix Dennis,Jim Anderson and other vetrans of the Oz Obscenity Trial.

The book is published on the fortieth anniversary of  the trial where the editors of Oz magazine were on trial for crimes under the then obscenity law.

It is a fascinating book and one that will attract a large audience who not only remember the trial  but those who have subsequently heard about it in the intervening forty years.
Tony Palmer is a distinguished film director and author with many award winning films to his credit including the TV series and accompanying Book "All You Neded Is Love"

Wednesday 7 December 2011

Use It Or Lose It Listen again!

USE IT OR LOSE IT, Peter Blegvad's radio play about memory loss, was broadcast last
Saturday, Dec 3.

If you have leisure for such things (35 mins), click on the link below to listen

will work for 4 more days):

The GUARDIAN had this to say about the piece:

A really good Between the Ears (Radio 3, Saturday) makes you think and makes
you listen. The weekend's edition ­ a "radiophonic rumination on memory
failure", written by Peter Blegvad did just that. He played Dr Proctor, a man
with a sing-song memorable name, but also a sense of self bleeding away at the
edges as his past evaporates.

It was tautly produced by Iain Chambers to be a rich seam of sound layers that
could feel roomy and beautiful, with snippets of poetry and music on the theme
of memory, but also stifling and oppressive. Proctor mentions the phenomenon
of "presque vu", the sense of something being on the tip of your tongue but
out of reach, and this was the feel throughout. "What would we do, who would
we be?" Proctor asks, pondering life without a working memory while he could
still remember what the question was.

There were shards and smudges of sound, reflecting the wandering of a mind
that is malfunctioning and short-circuiting. It had serene and gorgeous
moments, and some funny ones too, thanks to Harriet Walter as a 104-year-old
self-help guru. She embraces amnesia as "extending the boundaries of the
self, becoming someone else, dismantling the imposed narratives". Like
everything in this tantalising feature, her ideas shimmered for a moment and
then slinked quietly away.

Friday 2 December 2011

Hawkwind UK Tour dates!

Next week sees Space Rock Legends Hawkwind hit the road for a few winter dates of psychedelia, dance and music.The band have also announced  that Jon Sevink from the Levellers will be joining them with his fiddle at all the shows…

Special guests on the tour will be the fabulous LLG (Lloyd Langton Group) fronted by former Hawkwind member Huw Lloyd Langton 

The dates are below and as ever always check before travelling. In the meantime the legendary Weird tapes series of albums are now reissued as twofers through the Gonzo website and can be purchased directly here :

Sheffield The Plug 7th Dec
Box Office 0871 230 1101

Box Office 0871 230 1101
Box Office 0871 230 1101

Shepherds Bush 02 Empire London Sat 10th December
Box Office0871 230 1101

Gordon Giltrap - Airwaves, MIA AWARDS TRIUMPH !

The Music Industries Association is delighted to announce the results of the MIA Music Awards 2011.

Winner of the The Guitar Techniques Acoustic Guitar of the Year category is the Vintage VE2000GG Gordon Giltrap signature Guitar by John Hornby Skewes & Co.Ltd.

The awards have become a major celebration for the whole industry, honouring the best selling and most reliable and innovative products and retail initiatives in the UK and celebrating the top individuals and organisations within the musical instrument industry.

In what has been a challenging year for the industry the MIA Music Awards provide a much needed opportunity to acknowledge the professionals and organisations who continue to drive forward creativity and innovation.

The awards ceremony, supported by media partners Classic FM, Future Publishing and MIPro took place at London's prestigious Marriott Grosvenor Square Hotel on Wednesday 30 November 2011.

The awards featured 25 categories in total celebrating and rewarding success in every sector of our industry.
What happens when you mix what is - arguably - the world's most interesting record company, with an anarchist manic-depressive rock music historian polymath, and a method of dissemination which means that a daily rock-music magazine can be almost instantaneous?

Most of this blog is related in some way to the music, books and films produced by Gonzo Multimedia, but the editor has a grasshopper mind and so also writes about all sorts of cultural issues which interest him, and which he hopes will interest you as well.