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LINK: Erik Norlander review

A real ‘must have’ for fans that’s sure as Erik Norlander re-issues the Galactic Collective CD with a bonus CD featuring four reworkings of existing tunes including a marvellous extended musical workout on ‘Garden Of The Moon’. Plus there is a DVD where you can see Erik and the band in the studio recording the Galactic Collective album, which is interspersed with interviews with Erik about the music and how it was composed. The latter is highly informative although to a non-muso like myself I was starting to flounder when he started to use triangle diagrams to explain the music. Interesting to see how the music is played and recorded and drummer Nick LePar has more percussion add-ons to his drum kit than even Carl Palmer!

There is also a bonus DVD feature on the synths behind the music including a massive custom built beast of a synth. Again of definite interest to fellow musicians.

The idea behind the Galactic Collective album was to take instrumental pieces Erik had recorded for his solo work, Lana Lane and the Rocket Scientists and reinterpret them for this album. Tunes like ‘Neurosaur’ and ‘Fanfare For Absent Friends’ are keyboard heaven, perfect for fans of Tangerine Dream and Rick Wakeman, whereas ‘Trantor Station’ could easily sit on an Ayreon album.

Well thought out and packaged with the fan in mind.


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And check out the dedicated Gonzo artist page for Asia featuring John Payne, and for Erik solo

Monday 30 July 2012

LINK: Is Captain Beefheart a Superior Artist to The Beatles? Most Positively!

"Captain Beefheart is the most important musician to rise in the Sixties, far more significant and far-reaching than The Beatles, who only made pretty collages with material from the public domain, when you get right down to it; as important, as I said, for all music as Ornette Coleman was for jazz ten years ago and Charlie Parker 15 years before that, as important as Leadbelly was for the blues Cap teethed on. His music is a harbinger of tomorrow, but his messages are universal and warm as the America we once dreamed of. That`s a combination that`s hard to beat." Lester Bangs

Poetry of the Mojave Desert *(Or Nothin` Makes Sense If You Need To Be Logical!)

This is not an introduction. You can move it to the middle or to the ending, I don`t care. Nor is it a description of what I`m about to write; that`s forbidden, Captain Beefheart wouldn`t approve of that. It is black and white, though. You can fill in the peripherals with every tonal from the rainbow color wheel; he`ll dig it! Yea, Lester`s right, Beefheart is more important to the History of Rock than even the Rock Gods themselves, The Beatles.

The problem is, not enough time has gone by yet, where Music Historians (or, if you will, Rock Historians), can meditate on Beefheart`s total opus, and give it the proper consideration, tender loving care, it so passionately deserves. If this means standing on your head while reading The Captain`s lyrics, and rotating an hour and eighteen minutes of concentrated Trout Mask Replica commotion, then that`s what you have to do. Will the double parred-down Rock Opera (Trout Mask Replica) ever go commercial and sell millions of copies?

I have faith that it will, but maybe not in my lifetime or yours. I broke it down, and dissected merely six songs, as if they were laboratory frogs in a high school biology class. I took the six songs seriously, as if they were paintings hanging in the Louvre, meant for billions of curious eyes, and for generations to come, not yet born, to pass by, ogle, then collect for a lifetime of memories and/or sacrosanct meditation, of the highest order known to man. Moreover, I never assumed I was getting it right on just one listen!

True Art has subtle shades of gray that reshape whatever interpretation we might apply to it. Art is chameleon-like, and changes hues every time we glance over at it (or hear the chimerical notes). A Carrot Is As Close is as pensive and surreal as Claude Debussey`s Sunken Cathedral, maybe more so. Run Paint Run has a massive amount of musical notes (& words) splattered on canvass with a stick, just like old Jackson Pollack use to do, just pouring paint out of a can!

Three Early Masterpieces

Abba Zaba, on Beefheart`s premiere album, Safe As Milk (released on the Buddah label in September of 1967), is the second song on side two, if you were playing it on a vinyl record back then (very few people were joining you, I might add). Apparently, the tune (written entirely by Don Van Vliet) is, on the surface, about a candy bar of the same name which a young Beefheart ate frequently when growing up in the Mohave desert.

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LINK: Possibly the most impressive Michael Des Barres story yet (and that's saying something)

The Michael Des Barres Interview

By Al Carlos Hernandez on July 30, 2012

HOLLYWOOD (Herald de Paris) —

Lord Michael Philip Des Barres (AKA Marquis Des Barres) is a British actor and rock singer. He is known for playing the recurring role of Murdoc on the television show MacGyver and for replacing the lateRobert Palmer in the band Power Station, fronting the band at the 1985 Live Aid concert. Des Barre is a supporter of President Barack Obama. Michael said, “Our country, the US, is built on big and interesting ideas.” Therefore the Michael Des Barres Band has recently donated $1,000,000 to Barack Obama to record, promote and support a CD of Sam Cooke cover songs with lyrics rewritten by President Obama to reflect his vision for our country. For more information on this: http://www.mdbimmedia.com/

There is a Hollywood axiom: It’s not who you know that counts. It’s who knows you that counts. If this is true then Michael Des Barres is a rock star among actors. His close friends include Led Zepplins’ Jimmy Page and Robert Plant, as well as former Sex Pistols guitarist Steve Jones. Michael was invited by Brian May, John Deacon and Roger Taylor to succeed Freddie Mercury as the lead singer of Queen. Des Barres turned them down because he wasn’t sure he’d be right for the task.

Des Barres is perhaps best known as the touring singer for The Power Station, a 1980’s super group with players from Duran Duran and Chic. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kupMnltNcf8 Michael has also played with the 1970’s band Detective (featuring ex-Yes keyboardist Tony Kaye) and British rockers Silverhead.

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DAN WOODING: Great review

Caped Crusader: Rick Wakeman in the 1970s written by Dan Wooding

Review by G. W. Hill

This new release is actually a reissue of an older book. It’s a great one, too. Rick Wakeman is arguably one of the most talented musicians out there in the rock music world. He’s been incredibly prolific as a solo artist, with bands like
Yes and The Strawbs and in session work with Elton John, Black Sabbath, David Bowie and a lot more. In terms of the Elton John reference, Sir Elton actually does the foreword to this book.

While this is dated, it’s also limited in scope to a historic period. That means it really doesn’t matter. The 1970s are a set period in time and unchanging. So, the book doesn’t require updating. This book showcases Wakeman the person and Wakeman the artist. Rick Wakeman is a man who doesn’t seem to recognize a lot of limitations. He’s also a man who doesn’t take himself too seriously. He’s got a great sense of humor and it shows here.

Told through narration, anecdotes and more, this is an intriguing tale. It comes with some great pictures and is highly recommended to all fans of Wakeman. Further than that, though, it’s recommended to anyone who wants to read about a real musician in a book that’s an entertaining reading experience. In an age where image is often more important than talent in the music business, it’s refreshing to read about an artist who in some ways has both.

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LINK: Rick Wakeman review


In the Nick of Time: Live in 2003
Review by G. W. Hill
This live album from Rick Wakeman is a powerful disc. It seems like it might not be a full concert, though. Still, we get a wide range of music here, finding Wakeman in the progressive rock bombast period more than anything else. It’s a great addition to his catalog.

Track by Track Review

Catherine Parr / Beware Your Enemies
The Wakeman classic tune is presented in a cool live performance and Wakeman solos like crazy as we get into the second half of the “twofer.” This is really quite an awesome keyboard showcase that finds Wakeman in rare form. As this extended piece continues there’s some smoking hot guitar soloing, too.

Out There
Here’s an epic length piece that features some killer prog instrumentation and vocals. It’s a dynamic and powerful number with a lot of different sections and moods. It can be very mellow and sedate at times, but also rocks out at other points. The vocals are among the strongest of the whole disc. While the cut certainly has some great keyboard performances, there are some inspired guitar solos, too.

No Earthly Connection
Bombastic and theatrical, this has a lot of the same musical characteristics as the last number. It’s a good piece of music and features more killer Wakeman soloing.

Dance of a Thousand Lights
Here we get a keyboard solo that works really well. It covers a lot of territory and has some great melodies and changes.

The Cathederal in the Sky
With both female operatic vocals and male vocals in the mode of the theatrical meets rock sound found on the rest of the songs, this is a rocking tune with a lot of classical music in the mix.

White Rock
This instrumental is quintessential Wakeman and has some great soloing.

Covering this
Yes instrumental section, they bring some funk to the table through the killer bass line and there’s a lot more going on here, too. It’s a heck of a jam and a great way to end the concert and this live album in style.

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LINK: Chris Thompson review


Most of you classic rock fans will surely remember Chris Thompson as the lead singer of Manfred Mann's Earthband for many years throughout the 1970's and early '80s. Since leaving the Earthband, Thompson has mostly worked on a solo career , performing not only his solo hits but also some of the legendary songs from his time spent with Mann. Berlin Live & Live at the Colos-saal is a 2CD & bonus DVD set, one show recorded for Berlin radio (audio only) and another filmed at the Colos-saal, both in 2011. Joining Thompson were guitarist Mads Eriksen, keyboard player Gunnar Bjelland, bass player Frank Hovland , and drummer Zsolt Meszaros (drummer Steinar Krokstad plays on the DVD, as does guest violinist Dirk Naessens).

Longtime fans will be happy to know that Thompson still sounds great all these years later, his voice holding up well over the years and still energetic on classics like "Father of Day", "Spirits in the Night", "Don't Kill It Carol", "Blinded By the Light", "Demolition Man", "Questions", and of course the legendary "Mighty Quinn". The band is red hot throughout, delivering the goods in a big way on the harder rockers like "Martha's Madman" and "Whole Lot to Give", especially Eriksen who is quite a capable guitar player, ripping out plenty of crunchy riffs and flashy solos on these classic songs. Bjelland too impresses, especially on the hard rocking, prog rock version of "Runner", as he adds in plenty of forceful organ passages.

On the night the DVD was to be filmed at the Colos-saal in Aschaffenburg, there were all sorts of technical problems resulting in a good portion of the recordings unusable, but Thompson and his crew have salvaged a handful of songs from that evening and presented it here for the fans. What was usable is quite good, one of the highlights being the excellent new song "Land of the Long White Cloud", featuring a scorching solo from Eriksen, and the upbeat "Demolition Man", featuring a killer vocal from Thompson. Toss in some band interviews and fan shot footage, and you have a nice little bonus DVD in this jam packed live set.

Yep, Chris Thompson still has it folks, so if you've been itching to hear his superb vocals on new versions of classic Earthband material, make sure you check this hot live set out.

Track Listing

Disc 1-DVD
1 Martha's Madman
2 Land of the Long White Cloud
3 Whole Lot To Give
4 If You Remember Me
5 Demolition Man
6 Redemption Song
7 Don't Kill It Carol
8 Mighty Quinn
9 Drum Solo (Zsolt Meszaros)
10 You Angel You
11 Davy's on the road again
12 Chris and Band Interview
Disc 2-CD 1
1 Father of Day
2 Wasting Time
3 Hot Summer Night
4 Spirits In The Night
5 Martha's Madman
6 Land of the Long White Cloud
7 Whole Lot To Give
8 If You Remember Me
9 Demolition Man
10 Redemption Song
11 Don't Kill It Carol
12 Runner
13 Mighty Quinn
Disc 3 -CD2
1 Piece For the Wicked
2 You Angel You
3 Davy's On the Road
4 Blinded By the Light
5 For You
6 You're The Voice
7 Questions

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Yesterday I posted the 1000th item on this little blog of ours. Its amazing how it mounts up. And if you are interested we have had over 28,000 hits since we started in March. Phew. I've even impressed myself!

ALEX HARVEY: Tomorrow belongs to Alex Harvey

Mostly for my own amusement, partly because Rob asked Corinna and me to fix some of the spelling mistakes, but also in order to gauge the enormous cultural spread of the artists who have material out on Gonzo Multimedia, I am going through the website's artist database in alphabetical order and - amongst other things - running the results through the Google News Alerts engine. It is quite surprising what I find.

Take Alex Harvey, for example. I have been a fan of his since I was a schoolboy, and my old mate Doc Shiels played piano with him back in the 1960s. There is another link to my day job in that he once made a spoken word album about The Loch Ness Monster (which was, by the way, photographed by Doc back in 1977), and that it is now available on Gonzo.

He died thirty years or so ago, and I thought that it was only people like me and Doc who remembered him, but apparently not. Someone called mijkediablo has just posted a poem about him:

Tomorrow Belongs To Alex Harvey (a poem, after Dylan Thomas)

Tomorrow belongs to Alex Harvey.
Mewling sapling squeezed through
Creaking door, and crawling
Across years, decades, into
Sweet scraps and scraps of sweets,
Saps from seeds gathering dew.
And tomorrow belongs to Alex Harvey.

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TIM BLAKE: Has emergency surgery

Hawkwind theremin player Tim Blake underwent emergency surgery last week after breaking his wrist when he fell off a ladder while gardening at home in France. Doctors inserted three pins in the wound. He aims to be back in action for the band's appearance at Rockin' The Park in Nottinghamshire, UK, next month.

Blake says: "When the medical team saw a video of me playing with Hawkwind, they said, 'Okay, we'll get you playing for the 17th – but this will hurt!'" Classic Rock is giving away three pairs of tickets and more to Rockin' The Park.

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LINK: Interesting article on Acid Mothers Temple

Acid Mothers Temple and the Melting Paradiso U.F.O.: Son of a Bitches Brew

The descriptor "cultish" tends to attach itself to myriad second and third wave psychedelic artists, from the NPR-safe Edward Sharpe to perennial blog favorite Prince Rama to the aptly-titled Brian Jonestown Massacre (Miranda Lee Richards even said as much about the latter). But no artist feels more like a cult, one that possesses the power to bend young minds no less, than Acid Mothers Temple. Many of founding guitarist Kawabata Makoto's followers resemble some sort of Far East version of wizards and sorcerers-- to the point where it's rather unforgivable Acid Mothers Temple has not become a feverish role playing card game yet.

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Check out their collaboration with Daevid Allen and Gilli Smyth


Yesterday, as I always do, I did my Sunday notifications for the Gonzo Daily in rhyme, but I tried something different. I did them to be sung. However, my internet access was limited, and I was not able to do what I should do, and post a video of the tune. So, I am afraid that my conceptual Gonzo Folk Club probably didn't work as well as it should have done.

But, better late than never. First, check this out:

and now try and sing the following lines of doggerel to it...

So what have we got here to start off today?
Its the rock and roll Marquis who lives in LA
the songs make you dance, (or at least tap your feet)
and the name of the album is 'Carnably Street'
Too-ra-loo Too-ra-lee
We've got Michael Des Barres here in Gonzo Daily..

I think that actually works rather well!


A real ‘must have’ for fans that’s sure as Erik Norlander re-issues the Galactic Collective CD with a bonus CD featuring four reworkings of existing tunes including a marvellous extended musical workout on ‘Garden Of The Moon’. Plus there is a DVD where you can see Erik and the band in the studio recording the Galactic Collective album, which is interspersed with interviews with Erik about the music and how it was composed. The latter is highly informative although to a non-muso like myself I was starting to flounder when he started to use triangle diagrams to explain the music. Interesting to see how the music is played and recorded and drummer Nick LePar has more percussion add-ons to his drum kit than even Carl Palmer!

There is also a bonus DVD feature on the synths behind the music including a massive custom built beast of a synth. Again of definite interest to fellow musicians.

The idea behind the Galactic Collective album was to take instrumental pieces Erik had recorded for his solo work, Lana Lane and the Rocket Scientists and reinterpret them for this album. Tunes like ‘Neurosaur’ and ‘Fanfare For Absent Friends’ are keyboard heaven, perfect for fans of Tangerine Dream and Rick Wakeman, whereas ‘Trantor Station’ could easily sit on an Ayreon album.

Well thought out and packaged with the fan in mind.

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And check out the dedicated Gonzo artist page for Asia featuring John Payne, and for Erik solo

Sunday 29 July 2012


I knew that the story about Hawkwind being banned from a gig at the National Forest because their fans were unsuitable people was too good to be true. Not only does it turn out that the story was never true in the first place, but the folk at the National Forest seem to have a remarkable sense of humour.


conkers and the legend of hawkwind

Conkers and the Legend of HawkwindThu 26 Jul 2012

Space Rock legends Hawkwind have never been strangers to courting myth and legend, but the team here at CONKERS never thought they’d find themselves wrapped up in rumours surrounding the band. Imagine our surprise then when this week we start receiving emails and calls asking why we’ve cancelled Hawkwind from playing at CONKERS.

Sadly we’ve never booked Hawkwind to play at CONKERS, although we think this is a brilliant idea! If they happen to read this and find themselves ‘In Search of Space’ then please get in touch. We’d love to have you and think our covered amphitheatre would be the perfect space for a Hawkwind gig.

So why the confusion? CONKERS plays host to the National Forest Folk Festival each year and we think that the promoters of that event may have approached Hawkwind at some point. Our understanding is that this never progressed as far as a booking, although as we're just the venue we're not privvy to what happens between bands and promoters. Knowing what a nice group the organisers of the National Folk Festival are it is hard to believe a lot of what is being said on the web, but which bands the organisers book (or don’t) is not something that CONKERS are involved with.

We have certainly never cancelled or banned Hawkwind and would be delighted if their fans would attend one of our eventsand enjoy “Astounding Sounds, Amazing Music” at CONKERS.


Jon Anderson has gotten into the spirit of the just-started Olympics, releasing a new song that combines the anthematic echoes of “Chariots of Fire” with his patented hope-streaked lyrics. Singing amidst the games’ iconic unity image of interlocking rings, Anderson connects the determination and passion of these athletes with the will to overcome that resides in each of us.

He should know.

“Race to the End,” just posted to YouTube, is the latest example of Anderson’s creative resurgence since going through a series of difficult illnesses — a period that ultimately led to his split with Yes, the legendary progressive rock band that he co-founded in the late 1960s. Rather than wandering off into retirement, however, Anderson has rebounded with a new sense of determination: He’s composing, recording and touring at a dizzying rate.

In 2010-11, Anderson released two separate projects — one studio, one live — with fellow Yes alum Ric

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Some weeks ago I got into contact with a charming young lady called Alanah, who is a big fan of Auburn (as are we all at Gonzo Daily). I arranged a signed tour poster for her, and asked her to write something for us. I then forgot completely about it (because age is catching up with me, and I really have no memory to speak of, unless it is recalling bass-players of obscure prog bands from 1968).

According to the Harry Potter legend, J.K.Rowling wrote the first of the series sat in a cafe somewhere. I think I met her a couple of times whilst she was a student at Exeter Uni; I remember a feisty and not unattractie blonde called Jo who I think was her, and - due to pressure of circumstances I am sitting in a cafe on the M6 typing into a very battered old laptop that used to belong to a boss of mine. When he drank himself to death owing me three thousand quid, and subsequently his widow was sent to prison for fraud, I decided to keep the laptop, and it has come in useful today, but I digress.

I was reading my emails ten minutes ago when - much to my great pleasure - I read an email from Alanah, with the following message:

Here are both of the review vids since im not very good at writing reviews, im sorry it took a while to get it up but here it is

Methinks that Gonzo Daily has now got a roving reporter. I wonder who we can send her after next...

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Saturday 28 July 2012

LINK: Rick Wakeman Belgian review


On a sunny afternoon in the beautiful summer of 1973 I had my radio set tuned to AFN (American Forces Network) when the presenter announced that the latest album from Rick Wakeman, The Six Wifes Of Henry VIII "on their station in the world premiere would go.
I was too lazy to stand up and find another station. That way I listened to the whole album, but I was on Rick Wakeman is a solemn oath that I swore would happen a second time. I have kept its word until now, when suddenly here 'In The Nick Of Time enters blow. Do not get me wrong, Rick Wakeman is a keyboard virtuoso without equal, but such a plate do not you go for entertainment listening. Rick Wakeman was mainly known as a playing member among Strawbs at the time of their album 'From The Witchwood "and best known of Yes. This last band he played on some of their most known songs like 'Fragile', 'Close To The Edge', 'Tales From Topographic Oceans "and the triple live album Yessongs.Rick Wakeman brought further a colossal number of solo albums from which the aforementioned 'The Six Wifes Of Henry VIII "(1973),' Journey To The Centre Of The Earth '(1974) and' The Myth and Legends of King Athur and The Knights of The Round Table" (1975) the best known. When Rick Wakeman with the last album the concert halls was ending, this was always a spectacle unprecedented, with ijsdansers, choir and orchestra. As a result, he was part of his collection of old had to sell out to get the costs and avert an impending bankruptcy. In 2003, the time of the recordings of 'In The Nick Of Time "is not changed and Rick Wakeman he alternates beautiful piano pieces such as "Dance Of A Thousand Lights" with bombast of the heaviest caliber, "The Cathedral In The Sky ', a mini-opera that Rick Wakeman the slave chorus from Verdi to the crown are stabbing. Now and then I get it on the hips of the vocals from Ashley Holt. He can sing, but he will therefore not always in my ear yelling. 'White Rock' is the shortest, but by far the best track of the album. Yes, even downright brilliant with Rick Wakeman in great shape. The concluding "Wurm" is also best to enjoy with drummer Tony Fernandez and bassist Lee Pomeroy in the spotlight. Too bad there 'In The Nick Of Time' is no more such songs as the two last mentioned can be found. On the album "In The Nick Of Time ', Rick Wakeman tries to set up a marriage Between opera and rock' n-roll. Sometimes it is a happy marriage, sometimes it is not. Ivan Van Belleghem (2 to 3)

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LINK: Chris Thompson Review

Chris Thompson – Berlin Live & Live At The Colos-Saal
Gonzo Multimedia

Rating: B+

Vocalist Chris Thompson carved out a name for himself as the voice for Manfred Mann's Earth Band beginning in the mid 70's. His dynamic r
ange and soaring vocals on tracks like "Blinded By The Light", "Davy's On The Road Again" and "Mighty Quinn" helped catapult the Earth Band to worldwide recognition. Since departing the band for good in the late 90's, Thompson has concentrated on his solo career that first began in the 70's with his band Night.

Backed by an all-star Norwegian band that includes guitar wizard Mads Eriksen, his most recent offering is a stellar double CD and single DVD set entitled Berlin Live & Live At The Colos-Saalthat is culled from a couple of German live shows last year. Unfortunately technical snafu's with the audio and video rendered much of the DVD material unusable, but Thompson plowed ahead undeterred, defied conventional wisdom and opted to issue all the salvageable material from the concert. What he did manage to save looks and sounds great as Chris and his band are firing on all cylinders by tearing through seven tracks from his solo career, as well as a couple of Manfred classics. It's a case of quality winning out over quantity here as the viewer gets a tease of what could have been had the show managed to have gone off without a hitch. To round out the DVD , there are some nice bonus features tacked on at the end that includes interviews with each band member, as well as some fan shot footage, which helps to fill in the some of the missing pieces.

The CD portion of the package, a live out to radio concert, recorded six months later, gives the listener a pretty good idea of what Thompson and his band delivers on a nightly basis. From the opening notes of Dylan's "Father of Day", first covered back in '72 on the Earth Band's Solar Fire album, through to the fan favorite "Questions" off of The Roaring Silence, everything in between is a varied mix of Thompson's back catalogue of work ("Hot Summer Nights", "If You Remember Me" etc...) coupled with heaping amounts of Earth Band material. Chris has never sounded better as he leads the troops through cracking renditions of Earth Band classics, "Spirits In The Night", "Blinded By The Light", "Don't Kill It Carol" and "Runner".

All in all this is a superb package that diehard fans of Chris and the Earth Band are definitely going to want to add to their collections. But more importantly, these concerts stand as a true testament to the unlimited talents and unyielding spirit of one of classic rock's most unique and original sounding voices.

By Ryan Sparks
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Album Review: Michael Des Barres Band - Carnaby Street

Album Review: Michael Des Barres Band - Carnaby Street

Perhaps best known as the guy who sang Robert Palmer’sPower Station parts in the touring lineup of that 80s sensation (I refuse to label them a supergroup: Chic and Duran Duran are not Cream and Traffic), Michael Des Barres does in fact have an impressive pedigree. He’s sort of the ultimate insider guy: he’s better known (and more respected) by people inside the music biz, many of whom have jumped at the chance to work with him. He’s an actor who’ll be familiar to any number of American TV shows (mostly in the 80s) and he’s well-known for having the former (Miss) Pamela“I’m With the Band” (Miller) Des Barres as an ex-wife. But hey, he’s got a new album, and it’s a cracker.

On Carnaby Street, Des Barres’ vocal texture is closer to that of Rod Stewart than Palmer. But musically, he’s aiming for a good-time partying rock’n'roll vibe not far removed from what the Rolling Stones sounded like in, say, 1972. The title track, in particular, is a superbly driving affair that should appeal to fans of the Stones, Faces, Free, Mott the Hoople and other highly-regarded British rock acts. And don’t let the album’s title and Union Jack packaging fool you: Carnaby Street is no exercise in nostalgia. Des Barres and his band – band, I say: not anonymous studio hacks – sing and play like they mean it. Despite the sometimes stale and pedestrian connotations of the term, there’s a reason they call it “classic rock,” and Carnaby Street is a modern example of just why that is.

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LINK: Michael Des Barres review

The Michael Des Barres Band - Carnaby Street
Gonzo Multimedia

Rating: B

Born a European nobleman, Michael Des Barres got bit by the rock and roll bug at an early age. While some sarcastically claim that he is most famous for, at one time, being married to Pamela Des Barres, the most famous groupie in music history, that is just not fair. Michael was the front man for a very successful European band in the 1960’s and was later signed by Jimmy Page for Led Zeppelin’s Swan Song Records in 1975 with the band Detective. He toured with The Power Station and played Live Aid with them. He was in the super group, Chequered Past, with Clem Burke and Nigel Harrison of Blondie and Steve Jones of the Sex Pistols. He also penned the song “Obsession” which became a number one hit around the world for the new wave band Animotion.

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TROY DONOCKLEY: The Nightwish interview

As I have written on a number of occasions in these pages, my younger stepdaughter Olivia has never been particularly impressed with my taste in music, and considers everything that I write about to be hippie hogwash. That being said, she really likes Mimi Page's album and I keep on forgetting to tell her that 'im who plays the Celtic pipes in Nightwish is also one of ours. I know that Nightwish are one of her particular favourites, and so she has probably read this interview before, because I lifted it from their website...

1. How did you first get involved with Nightwish and were you a fan before you worked with them?

I first became aware of the band when my friend Pip Williams sent to me the album "Once". I had never heard of them, but then again, my connection to the world of metal was slight to say the least. I knew after hearing "Ghost Love Score" that this was no ordinary metal band. It had a really progressive and pure approach : But still heavy as hell!

Not long after, I was approached to play on "Dark Passion Play" and the rest as they say is history...


The Animals and former War frontman Eric Burdon has canceled his upcoming tour dates because he will be undergoing back surgery later this week.

Earlier this year Eric, who has been suffering back pain for over 3 years, was forced to cancel his Summer European Tour. It has been a debilitating situation and as a performer whose schedule has been unrelenting, Eric is excited to finally have a solution that will enable him to get back out on the road.

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And check him out at Gonzo:


We have been inolved in animal rescue for years, and so celebrities who work to highlight animal welfare issues are particularly dear to us. Rick Wakeman is one of the stars involved with this year's National Cat Wards. Right on Rick!

Cat-loving celebrities are showing their support for Cats Protection’s prestigious National Cat Awards 2012 taking place at The Savoy in London on the 16th of August. The awards are designed to celebrate the real-life stories of companionship, bravery and survival in the cat world.

This year’s event will be hosted by Channel 4 presenter Rick Edwards and the celebrity judges are comedian Ed Byrne, former Yes keyboardist and star of Grumpy Old Men Rick Wakeman, model Lucy Pinder and ex-BBC newsreader Jan Leeming.

With all the judges self-confessed “cat people”, they have been handed the difficult task of choosing the winning cats from a shortlist of three nominees in the following categories – Best Friends, Hero Cat, Most Incredible Story and Outstanding Rescue Cat.

Rick Wakeman sums up his arduous decision in the Best Friends category by saying, “No two cats are remotely the same so it’ll be tough deciding which has been the best cat friend from so many deserving entries.”

Rick’s category includes Morgan who helped his owner cope with depression, Alfie, a loyal companion to a teenager suffering from a condition called Behcets Syndrome and Jessi-Cat who whose unconditional love for a seven-year-old boy helps him overcome an anxiety disorder.

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Friday 27 July 2012

LINK: British veterans Yes keep prog rock alive

Looking back on prog rock’s peak of popularity, it’s hard to imagine the Brit-centric genre ever enjoying a resurgence. Who in today’s lean times wants to hear a 30-minute musical suite with fantastical lyrics? Who wants bombastic hairdos on stage and intricate symphonic indulgence on record? Well, the answer is lots of people — particularly those in the 45 to 55 age bracket who came of age firmly in the mid-‘70s, well past the hazy innocence of the hippie years and well before the angry non-conformity of the punk age.

London legends Yes may not be as instantly recognizable to American audiences as prog rock titans like Kansas, Rush and The Moody Blues. But any music nerd will tell you that Yes’ cumulative accomplishments are startlingly impressive. Originating as a cover-band in the late ‘60s, Yes exponentially expanded its artistic and creative reach in the ‘70s, gaining fame for experimental compositions, eye-popping live shows and surrealistic cover art.

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DAN WOODING'S OFFICE SENT US THIS: Dan Wooding was able on Thursday, July 26, 2012, to talk about his latest book, “Caped Crusader – Rick Wakeman in the 1970s” on an American radio show called In the Market with Janet Parshall which was broadcast on 300 radio stations....

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Jefferson Starship

Lake Forest will celebrate its 20th anniversary in style on Sunday, with a concert that pays homage to 1990s-era Lollapalooza festivals and features famous 1970s rock band Jefferson Starship.

Dubbed Lake Forest Palooza, the free concert kicks off at 4 p.m. in Pittsford Park and features music from three bands, each performing hits from a past decade: the '90s, '80s and '70s.

Vitalogy opens at 4 p.m. with chart-toppers invented by the ironic 90s rockers. At 5 p.m., the80z All Stars take the audience further back in time with high-energy hard-rock anthems.

Headliner Jefferson Starship, the 1970s mutation of Jefferson Airplane (a seminal 1960s group known for such hits as White Rabbit andSomebody to Love) takes the stage at 6:30 p.m. Jefferson Starship's hits include Jane, Miraclesand Count on Me.

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DAN WOODING: Caped Crusader -- Rick Wakeman in the 1970s

Elton John, Dan Wooding and Rick Wakeman

I have been really busy lately talking on radio and TV in both the US and the UK about my latest book, Caped Crusader – Rick Wakeman in the 1970s which was recently published by the Gonzo Media Group in the UK with a foreword by (Sir) Elton John (See picture taken at the time of the first edition of the book).

My most recent interview was with Sior Coleman at BBC Radio WM (West Midlands), a station in Birmingham, England, where I was raised. Then on Thursday, July 26th I will be on Janet Parshall’s show on the Moody Radio Network to talk about the book. You can hear it, or get details of the time I will be on, by going to: http://www.moodyradio.org/inthemarketwithjanetparshall.

This authorized biography of my dear friend Rick Wakeman, who is arguably the world’s greatest rock keyboardist, is lavishly illustrated with dozens of photos from Wakeman’s extraordinary career which includes the time his career took off when he joined the folk group, Strawbs, in 1969, and played on three of their albums, and later rose to greater heights during his times with the British super group, Yes.

To purchase a copy of “Caped Crusader” just go to: http://www.amazon.com/CAPED-CRUSADER-Rick-Wakeman-1970s/dp/1908728302/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1335474883&sr=1-1

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GONZO PEOPLE: Martin Stephenson

If those jolly nice people at Facebook are to believed (and when have you ever heard of someone online lying to you?| Perish the thought), today is Martin Stephenson's birthday.

Happy Birthday dude..

Wednesday 25 July 2012

LINK: Galahad review

Galahad: Battle Scars
19/07/20120 Comments

The first notes of the title track do your listening room trembling by maximum bass - beware the post hours on the case! The epic melody and heavy themes in the lyrics ("we will live so much longer", "you will reap what you sow") smell like Jim Steinman (the song "Seize The Day" does not happen to think of his "Seize The Night '), supplemented with Biblical references and striking harmonies. When finally the heavy guitars and the singer burst then 18 times in succession "battle scars" chant as if it were a religious mantra, you know it for sure: this is a metal plate! In that genre has undersigned only the biggest names (AC / DC, Iron Maiden, Metallica and other usual suspects), but Galahad should definitely not do. 'Battle Scars' is at times extremely heavy plate, sometimes with very long numbers (unique to the genre). May not be your cup of tea, but technically excellent music played extremely well maintained and finished. A pleasant (but loud) surprise.

The opening track will wake up the neighbors with its sonic bass. The epic melody and heavy subject matter are Reminiscent of Jim Steinman, Whereas the Biblical shoutouts and heavy guitars confirm what you have leg thinking: this is a metal record! Galahad may not be as well known as the genre's heavyweights AC / DC, Iron Maiden or Metallica, but They have delivered a very fine record with 'Battle Scars'.

Julian De Backer (3 to 4)

LINK: Rick Wakeman - The archives opened


Rick Wakeman - The archives opened

RE: Introducing
Rick Wakeman - The archives opened

Rick Wakeman The perfect prog icon, known for his dexterous keyboard playing and his capricious revolving door relationship with the legendary Yes.But "Grumpy Old Rick" is also a very prolific solo artist. More than a hundred albums to his name the man, and they keep coming. 'In The Nick Of Time "is a concert recording from 2003, and the bootleg box' Caped Crusader Collectors Club" now appears volume two of his personal archives.

All you have to expect in the latter case bootleg quality.The recording at London's Hammersmith Odeon in March 1976, this five-piece box already a false start.This undoubtedly decent concert (based on his first solo record and therefore best) is trapped in a messy and spaceless sound. The effect of binding Wake Mans funny texts - a constant in his solo career - this is also partly lost.

The much more recent (and better sounding) concert in Norwich in '97 lets hear some nice surprises. With beautiful versions of David Bowie Space Oddity and Life On Mars Wakeman reminds us that his talent often at the service of the greats.

With his son Adam, he brought in the sprankelende'Tapestries '96 ', of which the peak Summer's End here in duet is played. The selection of '1984 'with vocalist Ashley Holt offers a pleasant listening experience. The version of some Beatles classics like then pulled by the hair.

The performance at Crystal Palace in '74 - the contents of CD three - suffers from the same recording quality as the first disk, but you can hear passionate renditions of material from 'Six Wives Of Henry VIII "and" Journey To The Centre Of The Earth '.

The other two CDs contain the concert in Preston Lancs in '81 and give a diverse sampling of the very productive early years as a solo artist. Wargames off on George Orwell's book based '1984 'serves well here as the overture, the album is amply endowed as these tour to promote it served.

The royal highnesses Arthur and Henry VIII pays tribute through a convincing medley. Also The Journey / Recollection and Chamber Of Horrors (from the acclaimed 'Criminal Record') are like a house. The keys tornado in White Rock provides an appropriate climax.

However we will exchange our five-part bootleg box like for a disc, "In The Nick Of Time '. Wakeman's been so long renowned for his showmanship that you almost forget that he is primarily a gifted musician and composer.'Out There' (2003) is one of his best work and the excellent live album "In The Nick Of Time" was recorded during the promotion tour that year.

His solid backing band English Rock Ensemble is renamed the New EUA, because Ant Glynne (guitar) and Lee Pomeroy (bass) to the line-up. Pomeroy is a particular value, witness alone his bass solo in the Yes classic Wurm . Fixed values ​​remain Tony Fernandez (drums) and Ashley Holt. Holt replaces Damian Wilson, 'Out There' and then later with inzong Pomeroy and Adam Wakeman formation Headspace would form.

'In The Nick Of Time' is a string of highlights from the title track and The Cathedral In The Sky from 'Out There' by the virtuoso Dance Of A Thousand Lights to classical things as Catherine Parr, White Rock and a selection of 'No Earthly Connection '. Wakeman may be a qualitatively very uneven oeuvre written, live, he knows damn well what choices he must make. Only regret that tie texts are not included.

"Caped Crusader Collectors Club Vol. 2 "is published by Floating World and is distributed by Bertus. 'In The Nick Of Time' is published by Gonzo Multimedia.

July 21, 2012
Christoph Lintermans

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