Monday, 4 March 2013

LINK: Ade Edmondson announces return of The Bad Shepherds with new album and UK tour

Above1The Bad Shepherds announce new album and UK tour
Adrian Edmondson, Troy Donockley and Andy Dinan have announced the return of their fabulous folk-punk 3-piece, The Bad Shepherds, with a new album and major 24 date UK tour – Both will be entitled ‘Mud, Blood and Beer’
Ade tells us why in his own words;
“The Bad Shepherds’ last performance was at The Union Chapel towards the end of 2011. We’d been going since 2008, made two albums and done hundreds of gigs. We needed a break, to get a fresh perspective on things as much as anything else. I had some TV shows to make, and a side project called The Idiot Bastard Band with Phill Jupitus and Neil Innes. Troy was going on a year-long world tour with the Finnish prog-metal band Nightwish, and Andy was starting a new band, Ducie. Knowing how the balls can sometimes drop forever when you stop juggling I wasn’t really sure that we’d ever really get back together.
That night at The Union Chapel was quite an emotional event. It’s a funny feeling, knocking something on the head when it’s going well. I’ve done it a few times before, most obviously with The Young Ones and Bottom. But there’s always a fear that what you’re doing is going to get stale, and that it’s best to get out when you’re at the top.
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