Friday, 8 March 2013

LINK: New Asia guitarist Sam Coulson says replacing Steve Howe hasn’t changed him.

Continental shift: Asia with newcomer Sam Coulson, left
The 26-year-old guitarist, who was hired after Howe surprised fans by announcing his departure in January, has vowed to remain true to his predecessor’s approach – although he’ll apply his own character to the music.
In a recent web chat with fans Coulson says: “Steve has a great classical-style vibrato which sounds great. My own method has always been the sort of Eric Clapton approach, moving the string more horizontally. I feel technical changes like this will give the band perhaps a heavier edge.
He reveals he got the job after Asia had asked Paul Gilbert to consider taking it. “Paul put my name forward,” he explains. “When he told me, I was over the moon.”
Coulson is already at work on Asia’s next album, Valkyrie, and says it’s been a positive experience. “It’s been a challenge to learn some of Steve’s licks,” he admits. “However, the guys are very encouraging when it comes to stretching out with my own ideas in some solo secant, which I am very pleased about.
“Sure, there is always pressure being the new gig in an established band, but I feel pressure helps me...

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