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Saturday, 27 July 2013


YES' Chris Squire Talks About XYZ Project With LED ZEPPELIN's Jimmy Page, Rock And Roll Have Of Fame Snub - "The SEX PISTOLS Got In There About 20 Years Ago, So There's Definitely A Bias There Against Anything A Little Proggy"

Legendary YES bassist Chris Squire spoke with Matt Wake from AL.com recently about a number of topics including performing a trio of classic albums on their current tour, former singer Jon Anderson, the film Almost Famous, the project XYZ with LED ZEPPELIN's Jimmy Page and the fact that they are still not in the Rock An Roll Hall Of Fame. A few excerpts from the chat follow: 

AL.com: In the early-'80s, you and Yes drummer Alan White were in a short-lived project called XYZ with Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page. Did you guys ever ask any singers to get involved at any point?

Squire: "Well, the theory behind us getting together to do that was ... It wasn't long since John Bonham passed away and Jimmy lived pretty close to me in Surrey, where my house was too. He wanted to get back into playing. And we just got together and started jamming really, and there was kind of a discussion about Robert Plant coming down and joining in with us, but I think it was a bit too soon for Robert after John's passing, so he never showed up. But that was the theory for the XYZ thing. But Robert didn't show up, so the whole thing got sort of put on hold really, and never really came off so that's the story of that."

AL.com: Yes was a big early influence on RUSH, who were recently inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Do you hope or even care if that opens the door for more progressive-rock bands to get in? 

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