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Jon Davison Interview from Yes: Out Of Order

An Interview with Jon Davison from Yes: Out Of Order

—by , July 24, 2013
Playing not one but three classic albums in their entirety, Yes guitarist Steve Howe, bassist Chris Squire, drummer Alan White, keyboardist Geoff Downes, and singer Jon Davison have been delighting fans on a nostalgic musical journey spanning albums released between 1971 and 1977. Hailed as icons of progressive rock, the band’s tour is a unique experience not to be missed by lifelong and new fans alike. As the latest addition to the band’s lineup, Davison spoke with me about the tour, starting out as a Yes fan, and how he got here from there.
I see you have a festival planned in Camden on Aug. 3, appropriately called Yestival. It sounds like a great time. How come something like that hasn’t happened before now?
During the last tour it came up that we were going to do this and I forgot to ask who the impetus was for getting that going. I suspect it was Chris because he’s been talking about doing something like that for quite some time. I’m sure, if all goes off well, it could very well be an annual thing.
It’s been said that a Yes show isn’t just a concert, but more of a musical journey. Do you feel that’s a true statement?
I definitely agree with that. I think the caliber of Yes’ music really lends itself to that experience because the music is so involved and there are movements that I think take the listener on a journey. I feel that way, too, when I’m singing the music. I feel like it’s a mutual experience, this unique experience between the audience and the band members.
Before joining the group you were in a Yes tribute band, and prior to that you were the bassist for Sky Cries Mary, which I was a fan of.
No way! You’re kidding! (Laughs) Well, how old are you now?
I’m 37.
Were you in Seattle at the time?
I wasn’t. Honestly, I don’t even know how the album made its way to me. It’s funny but I once said the same thing to Scott Mercado [Candlebox drummer and former Sky Cries Mary] and he had the same reaction.

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