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Ruigoord’s Third Futurological Symposium on Free Cultural Spaces
Space Is the Place
― Sun Ra

Free Cultural Space Is the Place! More particularly, the place is Ruigoord Culturele Vrijhaven, which on the 23rd and 24th of July 2013 will host the Third Futurological Symposium on Free Cultural Spaces. This year, again under the inspirational chairmanship of Felix Rottenberg, The Cosmopolitical Parliament welcomes an international group of presenters from important Free Cultural Spaces. Central aims of this year’s Symposium include generating a comprehensive collective vision of the extraordinary value and essential importance of Free Cultural Space and refining and publishing a Declaration on The Universal Right to Free Cultural Spaces.

The first day’s program focuses on the practice of declaring cultural space free and autonomous. Our presenters, responding to input from Felix Rottenberg and the attending audience, will help generate the substantive foundation for the Symposium’s Declaration. On the second day, which will focus on theory, we will view Free Cultural Space through different disciplinary lenses, refining the Declaration on The Universal Right to Free Spaces during course of the day. Thus the overall Symposium will serve as a true Futurological session of the Cosmopolitical Parliament.

Participants scheduled for the presentations and debates include town-planner and demographer Julian Jansen, who advocates for the importance of Free Cultural Spaces in urban environments; Alderman of culture for the city of Amsterdam, Carolien Gehrels; founder of the Totaltheatergroup Solvogn (Sun Wagon Theater Troupe), Britta Lillesø, attending on behalf of the Culture Union of Christiania in Copenhagen; Penny Rimbaud, founding member of the Punk band Crass and founder of Dial House Dynamic Centre For Cultural Change in Essex, England; Waldemar “Major” Fydrych and Agnieszka Couderq for the Orange Alternative Group from Warsaw, Poland; Diogo Ruivo Mendez for Portugal’s Boom Festival; and Dalch Ochir and Harun Wolf representing the Blue Sun group in Mongolia. Russia’s Guslitsa group will send Nedezda and Irena. Alan Dearling, author of many books on Travellers, festivals and alternative styles of living. New York City-based Canadian author and publisher Jordan Zinovich (the 2013 Ruigoord Trophy recipient and Ruigoord’s North American ambassador) will represent the Autonomedia Collective. Kent Minault, one of the original Haight-Ashbury Diggers, offers a historical acte de presence with a theater piece chronicling the Diggers’ emergence. Geanme (Jane) Marin will represent the Umbrella House squat in New York City. Allan Moore will represent Madrid. Stevphen Sukaitis will represent the Minor Compositions publishing project ( The Cultural Defense Line of Amsterdam will be represented by Simon van Dommelen. Ruigoord will be represented by Hans Plomp, Michael Kamp, and Aja Waalwijk.

Please note that this list of participants and topics is neither exclusive nor completely finalized and may change ― see the final agenda for more information.

Ruigoord has contacts with many important free cultural spaces around the world, including: Christiania and Thylejren in Denmark; Doel in Belgium; Tacheles and UFA-Fabrik in Germany; Blue Sun in Mongolia; Finisterre in France; Dial House in the UK; the Harrop-Proctor Community Forest in British Columbia, Canada (; Tree Frog Radio of Denman Island, British Columbia; the Mattole Salmon Group in Northern California (; the Ida and Pumpkin Hollow Communities in Tennessee; the Autonomedia Collective in New York City (; and the Boom Festival in Portugal. Ruigoord is also part of The Cultural Defense Line of Amsterdam, a network of about 30 free cultural spaces in and around the city, including: Domijn, Nieuw en Meer, Zaal 100, Tetterode, OT33, ADM, Op de Valreep, Krux, NDSM, and Slangenpand.

There will be no entry fee for the Symposium and we encourage and welcome public attendance.
Following the launch of Ruigoord’s new community history, Freehaven Ruigoord, on the 25th of July our Symposium will come to an end with the formal opening of Embassies representing Christiania, Tacheles, Blue Sun, Boom, and Autonomedia in Ruigoord.

Landjuweel will be held on 24, 25, 26, 27, and 28 July 2013.

Tickets: Passe-partouts for the whole festival are €65 (presale) and € 75 (at the door). This includes your camping. Please take into account that camping sites are limited. No cars are allowed in the village, but we can provide trolleys and small carts for luggage.
Daytickets only at the door, not on wednesday and thursday.
-Friday 26th of July: 30 E
-Saturday 27th of July: 35 E
-Sunday 28th of July: 15 E

Tickets for campers/motor homes/caravans: Campers, motor homes or caravans will not be allowed in the village! All campers should be parked at the entrance of the village where a special parking space with toilets is planned. You are not allowed to put up tents next to the campers. Please remember that only a limited number of camper tickets is available. The owner of the camper, motor home or caravan must purchase a camper tickets. Other members of the group must buy normal passe-partouts tickets. One camper ticket = one camper spot.

Camping: Camping in tents in the village is only allowed with a valid passe-partout ticket. Tents can be set up in the village, but only in the indicated areas. Your tent should not exceed 4 m² per person, and your camping place will be alotted to you; you cannot choose your own plot.
For getting the required licenses and permits for the festival, the entire village and its various areas were mapped out carefully in advance in order to plan the infrastructure and escape routes.

Parking: Because this year, we’re building the EYE of Ruigoord on what is usually the festival’s parking place, there are a lot less available parking places. Prepare for overcrowded parking lots and having to walk far. It’s better to come with bike or bus, nature like it’s better too.
Dogs: Are not welcome during the festiival, unfortunately. We've had so many problems with fighting dogs, dead chickens and bitten children that we need to be very strict about this. 
join the parade! 
The Landjuweel is not just a music festival, it is an experience. As usual, we will offer a wide range of great live bands and DJs from all over the world, but our primary aim is to stimulate our visitors to participate and be an integral part of our festival and to enhance the feeling of the total experience. As always, Ruigoord offers its space and time to smaller and bigger groups and troupes of artists. Young talent and old friends from home and abroad are invited to participate and intertwine into the grand festival.
The highlight of the festival will be the ‘Beeldenroute’, the ‘Statue Parade’ on Saturday night, a grand procession around the entire village. We hope that everybody takes part in this fabulous parade around the village, dressed up in creative ways.

The theme of the parade is to show the history of Ruigoord and tell its story through the following themes:
-Childhood in Ruigoord
- Magicians and spiritual people of the woods
-Travellers to and from far countries
-Gods and futurological appearances and manifestations

We invite all of you to join in and show your creativity by making a statue, a sculpture, an appearance or a nice costume. All along the route, all sorts of disciplines like theatre, music, dance, painting and expressive arts are appreciated. The idea is that the people in the passing parade will be visually stimulated all along the route by statues, images, pop-ups, short performances and appearances.
If you have a great idea that fits in well within the above-mentioned themes, please write out the details and mail it to , subject line “Beeldenroute 2013”.

Remember that electricity is scarce along the route. We will do our best to light out as many objects as possible, but if you can solve your own lighting problems, that’s even better. If you are skilful, proficient and a handyman or have a converted battery that can be used to light out the different parts of the parade, please join our electricity team by sending an email with details to , indicating “Beeldenroute 2013”.

Participation in the parade is on condition and the organisation will make a selection of the acts and ideas offered. You can only participate if you have a valid ticket.
We hope to see you there! 

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