Tuesday, 18 March 2014

From Genesis to the Singing Revolution – Steve Hackett talks about his long relationship with Estonia

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On 28 April, British singer-songwriter and guitarist Steve Hackett brings his Genesis Extended show to Tallinn’s Nokia Concert Hall. Since early 2013, Steve Hackett has been touring with his all-star band, playing the Genesis material that first brought his name to the global attention.

Steve Hackett joined Genesis – which would become one of the world’s most famous progressive rock bands – in 1971, shortly after the band’s formation. Hackett placed an advert in Britain’s Melody Maker Magazine, stating that he wanted to join a band “determined to strive beyond existing, stagnant music forms”. The ad immediately caught the eye of Genesis vocalist Peter Gabriel and as a result, Hackett found himself playing lead guitar in the band. Hackett’s willingness to embrace new musical ideas and innovative performance techniques helped create the classic Genesis sound, one which fused the harmonic sophistication of European classical music with elements of northern European folk themes along with the electric virtuosity of modern rock. Hackett’s electric playing is often other-worldly, employing a vast sonic pallet which takes the sound of the electric guitar beyond normal expectations. His acoustic playing is deeply informed by the modern-classical traditions of Hackett’s childhood guitar hero, Andrés Segovia.
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