Sunday, 23 March 2014

MERRELL FANKHAUSER & ED CASSIDY: Belgian Review (translated)

What we are fortunate that guitarist Merrell Fankhauser and drummer Ed Cassidy, after previous encounters, somewhere in the nineties decided once to put something together. On plate The amazing result was reissued by Gonzo Multimedia as a double album "On The Blue Road".

Fankhauser a recognized composer and guitarist who mostly made in the late sixties, early seventies furore with his psychedelic Californian Rock Sound and Cassidy, known for his masterful work in the same period with the Spirit, also have their friendship translated into a fascinating album. The mix of original songs and well chosen covers vary in sound from Blues to Rock and even radio-friendly pop-like songs. Masterful musicians were found in the circle of friends to keep everything in the right direction: Merrell's son Tim shows an excellent singer and guitarist, the keyboards Pete Sears probably already familiar with The Jefferson Starship, but also shine even include Bruce Clark on harmonica and sax and Jim Enos on the piano. Ed Cassidy died already in December 2012 at the age of 89 but this album is a posthumous tribute to the man, then you rush to the record store.

The first CD contains a few classic Blues and Rock'n'Roll gems as "Further On Up The Road" where Tim immediately let admire, "Walking The Dog" and "Possession Over Judgement Day" his talent. Equally you will enjoy Fankhauser's own songs effortlessly stay afloat among the classics cited. It is remarkable the pleasure and knowledge that is played here! Who thinks that the best it has passed after this rather impressive first CD is coming for the effort. The high level is maintained smoothly on the second disc containing some more original songs.

The sublime "Stolen Guitar Blues" written by Fankhauser Cassidy and let admire some lovely mandolin streaks of John McEuen. On "Hot Night In Louisville" let again Valerie Johnson told her skills as a backing vocalist. Usually we have a drum solo after a minute or two do tend to lose concentration, but not with what Ed Cassidy on his 89th until late reverberate on "Cassidy's Big Beat." Yet another highlight of this release is quite rural, austere "Goin 'Back To Delta" but then we would perhaps do dishonor to the song "Papa Told Me" where Larry Willey vocals and bass, on his own number, for takes his account. There follows this with a short interview with Ed Cassidy, and that's mostly fodder for the fans. Music lovers tout court faced with this issue a stunner of an album in their collection!

Luc Meert


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