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Wednesday, 19 March 2014

GARY WINDO: Steam German review translated


Gary Windo / Steam Radio Tapes
Steam Radio Tapes Playing time: 40:20
Format: CD
Label: Gonzo Multimedia, 2014 (1976-1978)
Style: Canterbury Prog, Fusion

Review on 18/02/2014 Wolfgang Giese

The British is indeed rumored that they are eccentric. That may certainly be true and often also among musicians there are definite examples of this. Does that perhaps for the saxophonist Gary Windo ? Windo , born in Brighton, lived from 7 November 1941 until 25 July 1992. After an early start with drums, accordion and guitar he switched to the saxophone at the age of seventeen. Some well-known musical stations were: Brotherhood Of Breath (1970-73), Centipede (1970-75), Matching Mole (1973), Robert Wyatt , Carla Bley band (1977-80), NRBQ (1981-92) and Psychedelic Furs ( 1982) as well as several solo albums. Carla Bley called Windo »the best saxophone player I had heard."
And how did it came to the recordings of the present disc, with this concentrated collection of celebrities? In 1976, as was Nick Mason musician offering to take in Britannia Row Studio. So it was also that Mason played drums, understand three pieces of this album. Recordings of the next two years followed - here they are assembled and form a wild mix of different styles.
Thus variety is on the one hand almost continuously offered, but on the other hand, this also means a little 'messing' for me. Reminds me "Ginkie", the opener, yet very strong and pleasant to the British colleague John Surman , it floats through the second title somehow the spirit of Soft Machine . Even the vocals of Terri Quaye was built to commemorate me a little in the expression of Robert Wyatt .This however, there is on the jazz-rock title "Is This The Time?" listen to one with Nick Mason and, as in many other parts also, with Hugh Hopper fed a growling bass.
Quite out of the frame falling and I'm so not wanting to predict is the processing of one of the classics of Rhythm & Blues - I mean, "Night Train", which here simply dahingeschludert seems to me - recorded with little feeling is that over, because there are better versions . Garnished with rock keyboard shreds offers "Stand Fast", a little country bonds have been made even in "Sweetest Angel", but only as a small ingredient.
Overall, one can put the music roughly in the Canterbury prog-corner, with many ingredients from jazz, prog fusion perhaps? Julie Tippetts ( Driscoll ) brings her vocal variation in the almost poppy and nice sounding futuristic "Letting Go" and "Red River Valley" sounds like the band already almost as Johnny And The Hurricanes .
Well , a mix of ups and downs, but some items are interesting but already. His class as a saxophonist can Gary Windo largely not develop in these photographs.
Gary Windo (bass clarinet - # 1.2, tenor sax - # 2-9, alto sax - # 2, rainstick - # 4, vocals - # 5, gong - # 7, African flute - # 8 )
Nick Griffiths (bells - # 1)
Steve Hillage (lead guitar - # 2.8)
Terri Quaye (vocals - # 2.7)
Gary Moberly (piano - # 2,5,8, electric piano - # 5)
Mike Hugg (clavinet - # 2, organ - # 3, synthesizer - # 4)
Hugh Hopper (bass - # 2-5,7-9)
Peter Van Hooke (drums - # 2,4,8)
Laurie Allen (drums - # 3 , 5.9)
Harry Beckett (flugelhorn - # 4)
Lindy Mason (flute - # 4)
Richard Brunton (guitar - # 4-9)
Nana Tsboe (cabasa, congas - # 4)
Lati Oto (cowbell - # 4)
Nick Mason (drums - # 4,6,7)
Carla Bley (piano - # 5)
Julie Tippett (vocal - # 6)
Pam Windo (piano - # 6.7, vocals - # 7)
Bill MacCormick (bass - # 6, 8)
Robert Wyatt (vocal - # 7)
01: Ginkie [Gary Windo]
02: Come Into My Garden [Pam Windo]
03: Night Train [Jimmy Forrest]
04: Standfast [Gary Windo]
05: Sweetest Angel [Gary Windo]
06: Letting Go [Pam Windo]
07 : Is This the Time? [Pam Windo]
08: Missy [Gary Windo]
09: Red River Valley [Traditional]

Steam Radio Tapes
CD - £9.99

Dog Face
CD - £9.99

Deep Water
CD - £9.99

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