Friday, 23 May 2014

Christine Tobin pays homage to Leonard Cohen in her own unique way

Taking on the cherished classics of one of your heroes is a daunting task, especially when the singer in question is regarded as the unrivalled master of his genre.

But Christine Tobin's show A Thousand Kisses Deep is not so much about bettering Leonard Cohen's inimitable back catalogue, as paying her own personal tribute to him.
"He is one of, if not the, greatest poets and song-writers of the 20th century," said Christine.
"There’s so much romance and political comment there, as well as a huge amount of depth to his words. When he emerged in the 1960s, people used to say Leonard Cohen is very depressing because his voice is so dark, but actually his words are really very funny.
"There's a unique sense of comedy and life commentary in his lyrics. Many people think of him as just dark and melancholic - which of course he is a lot of the time - but to only see him as that misses out so much of the joy of his work."
Bird On A Wire
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