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Saturday, 24 May 2014

PLAYLIST: Strange Fruit #72

72  - 11-04-14

British Sea Power:        No Lucifer
Orange Juice:    Lean Period
The  Ruby Suns:           Closet Astrologoer
Cat Stevens:     Was Dog a Doughnut
The Stark Reality:         Comrades
Strange Mainstream Mix: (Incl: Heart: Hit Single/ Gregory Shan’t: Satisfaction / Nirvana: Montage of Heck #1 / Jimi Hendrix: Red House/ Woke up This Morning and Found Myself Dead/ The Electric Tomorrow: Sugarcube/ Kristen Hersh: Sparky)
Charlotte Hatherley:      Down
The Cinematic Orchestra          To Build a Home
Styx:     Plexiglass Toilet
Sex Pistols:       Submission (psychedelic re-mix)
Bernie Sizzey:   Rock ‘n’ Roll Brothel
The Eagles:                   The Greeks Don’t Want no Freaks
A A Allen:        Crying Demons part 1
Kate Bush:       Nocturn/Ariel
Sontaag:           The Minor Keys of Anguished Weeping

Vera Lynn:       Goodnight Children Everywhere

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