Sunday, 18 May 2014

Clearlight - Belgium review translated

The Frenchman Cyrille Verdeaux was born on 07/31/1949 in Paris . At the age of fourteen he began studies at the National Conservatory where he studied composition , harmony and piano . Between 1966 and 1968 he won three times the student composition prize , but in the red revolutionary year 1968, he was put off because of his revolutionary activities . Then he went to the conservatory in Nice where he earned a Masters degree . Back in Paris, he founded the band Babylone with guitarist Christian Boule . In 1975 Virgin Records released his debut album , titled 'Clear Light Compositions , "and that was the first French progressive rock band signed to a British label managed to decorate . There were three more albums to Jonathan his son prompted him to study and travel . In India , he studied music , yoga and meditation , and in 1980 he moved to the USA . During the 80s several albums followed. He currently lives in Brazil . In 2004, they told him after a solo piano concert that he had an impressionist style of play . That prompted him to make , based on paintings by Renoir , Monet , Pissarro , Degas , Van Gogh , Gauguin , Lautrec , etc. This album Add to this music by Ravel , Satie and Debussy , and you're there. In this new edition of the CD contains eight tracks recorded with Tim Blake , Steve Hillage , Didier Malherbe and others is instrumental , symphonic , progressive rock .

Patrick Van de Wiele ( 3 ½ )
Forty years after Their first album , comes this new version of ' Impressionist Symphony . A must for lovers of instrumental , symphonic progressive rock .
Gonzo Multimedia I HST214CD I Glass Onyon PR I [ re: jazz ]


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