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Saturday, 19 July 2014

PLAYLIST: Strange Fruit #80

STRANGE FRUIT 80 - 29-06-14

The Monks:      Monk Time
Black Box Recorder:    The Art of Driving
A.C.:    I Pushed your Wife in Front of the Subway
The Aphex Twin:          Cliffs
Mark Fry:         The Witch
The Jacks:        Marianne/ Stop the Clock
Billy Fury:         Baby How I Cried (B-side of Collette)
Blue Phantom:  Distillation
Emmauel Brun: Le Voix Psychedelique
Crazy Elephant:            Space Buggy
Trashmonk:      Polygamy
The Space Lady:          Fly Like an Eagle
Jack Mudurian: Downloading the Repertoire (excerpt)
The Twiggs:      Wobble
Kid Carpet:      Green and Pleasant Land
William Shatner:            Common People
Timothy Leary:             Live and Let Live
Skip Spence:    Little Hands
Tilted Tim:        Hi I’m Tilted
Jon Wayne:      But I’ve Got Texas
Medicine Head:            Part of the Play (B-side of It’s Got to be Alright)
Alex Sanders:   The Great Rite:

Zola Jesus:        Fall Back

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