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Friday, 18 July 2014

Rock Legend shares insights through books, music

July 16, 2014
When Rick Springfield plays at Harrah's Casino on July 20, attendees won't just be enjoying his music, they'll be seeing a real renaissance man in action. The 64-year-old songwriter – rocker – actor has another feather to add to his cap, that of best selling fiction author. But according to Springfield, it wasn't difficult for him to put the words on the page for his new book, "Magnificent Vibration." The story really took on a life of its own, he said in a recent interview with the Valley Roadrunner.

"It kind of wrote itself," said Springfield, adding he always wanted to be a writer as a child growing up. "I didn't really have a plan or a direction for the story. I just kind of let it take its own lead and it goes some pretty bizarre places."

"Magnificent Vibration" is the story of Horatio Cotton, a man who has recently discovered that his wife has had numerous affairs with "a veritable Rolodex of strangers." He steals a self-help book to try and figure out how to rebuild his life and inscribed in the front, finds an 800 number. Horatio doesn't expect it to be God's personal line, but it is. All bets are off from there as Horatio meets two others with the same book, the same phone number, and the same results. The three set out on a journey that just might answer all of their questions.

"The story is about a guy who steals a book and on the inside there is an inscription with a phone number, 1-800-Call-God and he does," said Springfield. "It's actually God on the other end of the line and God has a bit of an attitude and is kind of upset the way we are handling his beautiful planet and it goes pretty south from there, but there are a lot of surprises and twists and turns."

Called "thought-provoking, a surprising odyssey" and "rollicking romp of a book," "Magnificent Vibration" debuted on The New York Times Best Seller List at number 18 and that success is something not lost on Springfield.

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