Renaissance's classic Scheherazade And Other Stories is the latest prog album to receive the Audio Fidelity treatment – it will be released as a limited-edition gold hybrid SACD.
The boutique label specialise in delivering 24-carat gold CDs which deliver "the ultimate sound of a classic recorded performance without the irregular plated surfaces of standard aluminium discs."
Audio Fidelity describe the 1975 four-track masterpiece as the band's magnum opus, adding: "The work is unique, because it represents a rare example of musical collaboration between Michael Dunford and the rest of the group. Renaissance is a band that went through various permutations, the best known being the lineup featured herem who shine throughout the album – Annie Haslam's soaring, pure vocals; John Tout's considerable piano prowess' Jon Camp's imaginative bass; Dunford's guitar and Terence Sullivan's drums."

Still Life
CD - £7.99