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Wednesday, 6 August 2014

JUDY DYBLE REVIEW: Judy Dyble Live At WM Jazz

Judy Dyble
Live At WM Jazz

“Shall I cheer you up? No, I’m going to sing another sad one” says Dyble between numbers before delivering yet another impeccably turned-out tune tinged with a bittersweet refrain. In truth these are not sad per se but rather bear witness to her intimate, ongoing connection with the passage of the seasons. Her cut-glass diction and delicate voice gives emphasis and clarity to lyrics that elegantly describe nature's mutability and portents therein. 

Though still best-known for her work with Fairport Convention and Trader Horne, both of which are represented by charming versions of If I Had A Ribbon Bow and Jenny Mayrespectively, the more ruminative material drawn from Talking With Strangers (2009) andFlow And Change (2013) represents her most cohesive and striking works to date. 

The romantic lilt of Dreamtime, and it’s darker counterpoint Silence perfectly capture the shift from carefree summer to autumnal concerns without cliche or cloying melodrama. These songs simply say it as Dyble sees it.

The success of this live set comes in no small measure from her regular collaborator Alistair Murphy, leading a band whose meticulously detailed support pierces the incipient melancholia with sudden, sunny shafts of baroque-ish pop to ravishing effect.


Flow and Change
CD - £9.99

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