Sunday, 22 March 2015

Mars Tapes: Polish review (translated)

Peter Banks Empire - The Mars Tapes 

Author: Artur Chachlowski 

This album is a sign of some sort of sentiment. Sentiment we have for meritorious and rock artists already absent (Peter Banks died in 2013). 

As you know, Peter Banks is one of the members of the first composition of the group Yes. After the departure of the legendary band worked in different projects.Among other things, played in teams Blodwyn Pig, Harmony In Diversity, Flash and the Empire. The latter was a joint venture between Banks and vocalist, then his wife, Sydney Foxx (real name: Sidonie Jordan). In the 70s appeared three albums branded as Empire. Now, years later, after the death of the artist, shows the fourth - "The Mars Tapes". It contains a record of the trials and videos "work in progress", which took place in 1979 in the famous Mars Studios in Los Angeles. Nearly 100 minutes of music, which is found on issued by Gonzo Multimedia album, the songs of all levels of production. Some of them are finished products, some of this demo, and some of this is just the musical sketches and initial fitting. Some of them are instrumentals, part sung by Sydney Foxx. But in all hear immense talent as a composer and executive Peter. 

This remarkable album is one of the manifestations of the esteem in which Peter Banks for many years enjoyed in the world of rock music. There is also a posthumous tribute to his work. Never before made public unreleased music, which undoubtedly still await many supporters of his work. 

With the chronicler's duty even remember the names of musicians accompanying then Banksowi in the recording studio. Played bass guitar John Giblin and Brad Stephenson, Paul Delph synthesizers and Jakob Magnusson, tabla - Sam Gobal, and on drums and Mark Murdock ... Phil Collins, who at the time worked with Peter Banks in another project called jazzrockowym Zok And The Radar Boys.


The Mars Tapes
2CD - £11.99

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