Friday, 20 March 2015

PLAYLIST: Strange Fruit #112

Strange Fruit 112 - Something to do in a town like Leatherhead
A gazetteer of Great Britain from the mouths of Strange Fruit artists!

Featured Album: 101 Damnations: Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine


1 The Hitsville House Band: Kilburn Lane
2 Sleaford Mods: Fear of Anarchy
3 The Head: Nothing to do in a time like Leatherhead
4 Carter USM: 24 minutes to Tulse Hil
5 Elbow: Jesus is a Rochdale Girl

6 Billy Bragg: A13, Trunk Road to the Sea
7 Man: Scotch Corner
8 John Otway & Wild Willy Barrett: Louisa on a Horse
9 UK Vomit: Aylesbury Rock City
10 Attilla the Stockbroker: Airstrip 1
11 Cathedral: North Berwick Witch Trials
12 John & Yoko: The Luck of the irish
13 Carter USM: Midnight on the Murder Mile
14 Blyth Power: City of Morpeth
15 Richard Thomson: Cooksferry Queen
16 Leyton Buzzards: Saturday Night Beneath the Plastic Palm Trees
17 The Levellers: England My Home
18 Half Man Half Biscuit: For What is Chatteris
19 The Proclaimers: Letter from America
20 The Skids: Iona
21 Carter USM: The Taking of Peckham 123
22 Peter Sellers: Balham Gateway to the South
23 Show of Hands: Bristol Slaver
24 Hugh Cornwall: Please don't put me on a slow Boat to Trowbridge
25 KLF: It's Grim Up North (Part 1)
26 Al Stewart: Clifton in the Rain
27 The Guy Who Sings about Cities and Towns: Hemel Hempstead is a nice place
28 The Steeples: Sunbathing in Toxteth
29 Luton Fire: Wipe Those Tears

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