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Monday, 26 August 2013

‘It was an unbelievable moment’: Greg Lake on how Emerson Lake and Palmer gave comfort to a dying girl

Greg Lake’s worldwide Song of a Lifetime tour found him sharing stories as much as his discography, then inviting members of the audience to talk about the connective qualities of music. One such tale still stands out.
“One night a gentleman stood up,” Lake tells Rich Lynch in this clip, “and he said to me: ‘Greg, I used to be a DJ. I did the nightshift on the radio.’ He said: ‘One night, it was around midnight and the phone rang. I picked it up and the man on the other end said: “I wonder if you can do me a favor?” He said: ‘Sure, what can I do?’ ‘Could you please play a Greg Lake song, it’s called “Watching Over You”?’ He said: ‘The thing is, my daughter is dying, and she asked if you would play it.’ So, the DJ said: ‘Of course, I will. Yeah, no problem.’ And he put the phone down, and that was it.”

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