Monday, 18 March 2019

Thom Woodruff's Life

IF ANYTHING JUSTIFIES LIFE/it is life itself/love and art and people fade/oblivious/depths of waters conceal no hidden meaning than core afford/hollow and obvious/colored by moods/we kill/close categories /before we know it all-why are we so imprisoned /WHY ARE WE SO IMPRISONED?/if images collide/knock against your walled life/if wings are clipped without your knowing/if Reason fails for want of words/there seems no cure-FIND WHAT YOU KNOW .RETURN TO IT/more seems lost than is preserved/in your own rhythms hold close to those with whom you share your hopes/because a poem is just a small bird/delicate as a colored second/dies when the light of day ,sun or words is cast upon it to melt its meaning.We are (despite all)still alive!Joy in this above all things!Can you sing with us?Can you sing?

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