Thursday, 11 July 2013


The Kralingen Music Festival is a successful rock festival that took place In Holland on June 26-28, 1970. About 120,000 people attended and several well-known rock acts, such as Pink Floyd, Santana, and The Byrds, performed at this big event. This festival was later nicknamed “The Dutch Woodstock” because it felt like the European version of Woodstock. “The Dutch Woodstock” package includes 1 DVD and 2 CDs or concert footage and live performances. If you grew up in this era or loved this decade of music, this if the perfect gift for you.

The DVD was cool to watch because it allowed you to see the actual footage from the festival. The performances were unique and memorable for any fans of their music. They made you feel like you were actually there along with the masses of people enjoying the festival. The camera was a bit jittery at times and some of the camera shots were a bit unusual, but this also added to the 70’s vibe. The camera footage did not feel like HD, but was also not as grainy as I had expected it to be. Overall, it was better and more impressive than I had originally thought it would be.

As for the CDs, just by listening to Santana and Pink Floyd, you were transported back to the 70’s. There was so much variety on both CDs, but all the music included was good music. The instrumentals were light years ahead of their time and the music itself is what defined the 70’s as prolific musical era. The artist and the songs were before my time, but I can appreciate the impact they had on society and the music industry today. Other notable performers included were The Byrds, T-Rex, and Jefferson Airplane. I know my dad would enjoy all of this for sure.

Even if you were born after the 70’s, you can appreciate the history behind the festival, the messages, and art these musicians created. I highly recommend checking out ‘The Dutch Woodstock” or getting it as a gift for someone that loves music in general. Lots of great music and performances to bring people back to the 70’s. I just wish they could have included more behind-the-scenes footage or made the DVD even longer. Overall, I did enjoy watching and listening to ‘The Dutch Woodstock.” For those reason, I am giving “The Dutch Woodstock” a “B.”

The Dutch Woodstock 1970
2CD1DVD - £11.99

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