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Saturday, 15 March 2014

BRAND X: Missing French Review (translated)

Written by Jean-Pierre 

As everyone knows, BRAND X is a group of British jazz fusion, the major albums were recorded during the 1970s and 1980s. 

guitarist John GOODSALL and bassist Percy Jones are the pillars of the group, while drummers like Phil COLLINS or Chuck BURGI came to add, over time, training on canvas psychedelic background created by the interventions keyboards Robin LUMLEY or J.Peter ROBINSON. 

With "Missing Period", released in 1997, Gonzo Multimedia label released tapes found by chance by the family of John GOODSALL and from rehearsals combo prior to recording their first album, from 1975 to 1976. 

The first five titles were picked up for an issue of the BBC, while the last track "Tito's Leg" was, for its part, for a set for the "Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club" in 1976. 

Here we are at heart a blessed period that saw the birth and development of fusion jazz rock, serving a "musicianship" flawless, fed by the sacrosanct jams considered a sine qua non of a memorable composition, or published on vinyl media recording. 

For those who would experience Phil Collins that through his solo career, this is not to say that they rediscover a musician of exceptional talent. 

artist today prevented from continuing his career with recurring back problems, has given generously over the years, where his heavy use of drums took the ascendancy over the parsimonious use of cymbals as trademark (remember in the air tonight). 

's solo double battery opened long gig was born here in the convulsive necessarily signs of a progressive rock tinged jazz, interspersed with moments of dazzling beauty. 
Anyway, the other musicians are no exception, and the guitar is John GOODSALL especially brilliant, summarizing the essence of what made the charm of MAHAVISHNU ORCHESTRA or RETURN TO FOREVER, while the low Percy Jones is the ruthless driver who will lead the training and public artistic success thread. 

Using piercing sounds for electric guitar, Hiram Bullock Bill CONNORS, through John Mc Laughlin and Al Di Meola first period, give SANTANA desire to temper the virtuosos all these people ardor (a sound to kill mutts, he said), and in preference to a softer sound to the ear, more mellow on Latin harmonies and downright blues roots. 

The sequence "Kugelblitz" and "Ancient Mysteries" is probably there was better on this disc, with the sudden acceleration of rhythm interrupted by passages of beautiful weather. 
But the intriguing "Miserable Virgin" is equally compelling, though more difficult to access during the first listen. 

Relive creative time between all thanks to the magic and warmth of analog recording limbo fired, frankly, you would be wrong to deprive such a pleasure!

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