Saturday, 10 May 2014

STRANGE FRUIT #69: Playlist

06-04-14 – 69
Lavender Country:        Come out Singin’
The War on Drugs:       Red Eyes
Black Sabbath: Planet Caravan
Linda Perhacs:  River of God
Music Emporium:          Gentle Thursday
Miss Pat Collins:           Turn On
Lothar and the Hand People:     Space Hymn
Juxtavoices:      Drawn From no Well
Les Baxter:       The Enchanted Sea
Smokey:           Strong Love
Micah P. Hinson           Sons of the USSR
Flaming Lips:    My Cosmic Autumn Rebellion
Hannah Peel:    Solitude
Mimi Kamara:  Nyarara
Sheila Chandra:            Shehnai Song
Ruth Keggin:     Graih Foalsey
Alaisdair Robinson and Robin Robertson:          Leaving St. Kilda
The Magnetic North:     The Black Craig
The Beach Boys:          Hold on Dear Brother (Killer B)

Juxtavoices:      Nine Entries for the Enclyopaedia of Natural Sexual Relations

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