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Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Ultimate Power-Trio Bassist Jack Bruce Steps On the Silver Rails

Photo by Marek Hofman
Jack Bruce with a constant companion.

He's best known to the average classic-rock fan for the scant time in the '60s, fewer than three years, that he spent singing and playing bass for a quiet little trio named Cream, alongside subdued guitarist Eric Clapton and noted shy-guy drummer Ginger Baker. But Jack Bruce has certainly had a multi-hued career since those acid-drenched days of white rooms, strange brews and tales of brave Ulysses.
In addition to his work with other groups and collaborators, Bruce has also released a series of very-much-underrated solo efforts, beginning in 1969 with Songs for a Tailor up through 2003's More Jack Than God. In these discs he stretched out not only his string-thumping, but also the genres he explores in his material, in particular his leanings to and love for jazz.
Now Silver Rails (Esoteric Antenna), Bruce's first solo effort in almost a decade, includes jazzy, horny material ("Candelight") along with forays into doom ("Hidden Cities"), uptempo rockers ("Fields of Forever," "No Surrender"), scuzzy metal ("Drone"), funk ("Rusty Lady") and balladry ("Don't Look Now").

Since Bruce was in England, Rocks Off sent the Rock and Roll Hall of Famer a few questions via email. Ah, the wonders of technology...

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