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Monday, 30 June 2014

A Drum God, Juno Jammers and Superheroes: Conversations with Terry Bozzio, July Talk and Magic Man


Mike Ragogna: Terry, when did your devotion to percussion and drums begin and who are some of your early musical heroes?
Terry Bozzio: Surf Drum Music, Sandy Nelson etc., then The Beatles on Ed Sullivan made me beg my father for drum lessons. I'm celebrating the anniversary of 50 years since that first lesson on July 15, 2014. Then the San Francisco music scene exploded and local bands like Big Brother with Janis Joplin could be seen down the road for $2.50. Jimi Hendrix and Cream came next. Then I went to college and got into studying the great jazz drummers who played with Miles or Coltrane and classical music.
MR: What was playing with Frank Zappa like and how did he influence you? What are your favorite recordings with him?
TB: I was very much in awe of Franks's multiple talents and intellectual prowess. I learned so much from him in 3 years! It was like Marine Boot Camp for musicians.
He took me from being a naive drummer from San Francisco to being known all over the world with credibility, just because I was affiliated with him. Favorite recording would have to be "The Ocean is the Ultimate Solution" because it was an improvisation with him.
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