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Friday, 27 June 2014

Art Garfunkel, The Beatles and John Mayall: Steve Hackett's six best albums

 Steve Hackett was the lead guitarist of rock band Genesis [GETTY]
FOCUS: Moving Waves (Red Bullet)
A band that doesn’t get mentioned as much as they should but they made an impact on the British scene in the mid-1970s. I enjoyed the collision of styles. They were only nominally a rock band. They were as much about classical and jazz, though there was also boogie meets yodelling with heavy-metal guitar.

ART GARFUNKEL: Watermark (Import only)
A collaboration between Garfunkel and songwriter Jimmy Webb, this is immensely detailed, clever and sensitive, with heartrendingly beautiful poetic songs. One minute it’s backed by the Chieftains, the next by a string orchestra. It’s perfect for dinner parties.

JOE BONAMASSA: The Ballad Of John Henry (Provogue)
An American guitarist of distinction, whose playing is always fluent. It’s not easy to surprise people when you’re playing blues but he manages to. I get the same energy off this as I did when I was listening to early 1960s’ guitar heroes. He’s got that fire in the fingers.

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