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Monday, 7 July 2014

GENERAL NEWS Eric Clapton baffled by Cream tour rumours

Veteran rocker Eric Clapton has denied reports he wrecked plans for a Cream reunion tour, insisting he has not spoken to fellow band members Ginger Baker and Jack Bruce for almost ten years. Last year (13), Bruce claimed the legendary trio was planning to reunite for a series of gigs but the comeback collapsed over a bust-up between guitarist Clapton and drummer Baker. However, the comment came as news to Clapton - he is adamant he has not spoken to his former bandmates since their previous reunion shows in New York in 2005. 

He tells Uncut magazine, "Nobody has talked to me about anything. I haven't spoken to Jack or Ginger for quite a time. I don't think there's been any line of dialogue between any of us - or between me and them, that is to say - since the American affair. After that I was pretty convinced that we had gone as far as we could without someone getting killed. "At this time in my life I don't want blood on my hands! I don't want to be part of some kind of tragic confrontation...


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