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Saturday, 12 July 2014

PLAYLIST: Strange Fruit #79

22 – 06 - 14                

The Men:          Another Night
Strange Turn:    Pint Litmus Paper Shirt
Wye Oak:        Glory
Sonido Gallo Negro:     Virgenes Del Sol
Toumani and Sidiki Diabate:      Hamadoun Toure
Micah P. Hinson:          How are you Just a Dream
Micah P. Hinson:          On the Way Home (the Abiline)
Echo and the Bunnymen:           Burn it Down
Octopus Syng:  It’s Not Coincidence
Champs:           White Satellite
Liz Green:         Where the River Don’t Flow
Balthazar:         Leipzig
Roddy Frame: Forty Days of Rain
Strange Turn:    Elevator Operator
The War on Drugs:       Red Eyes
The Ackerleys: Blue Valentine
Bernie Sizzey:   Haunted (Motherless Man Mix)
Bernie Sizzey:   Lady Dub
Joan as Policewoman:   Witness
Joan as Policewoman    Holy City
Joan as Policewoman    The Classic
Stinky Picnic     Sunglasses Adventure
Stinky Picnic     The Little Buzzy Bee
Bogshed:          Buffalo
Virginia Belmont and her Singing and Talking Birds: Ave Maria

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