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Thursday, 3 July 2014

Spirits Burning & Bridget Wishart "Make Believe It Real" Belgian Review

SPIRITS BURNING & WISHART, Bridget - Make believe it real
/ Published on 26-06-2014 /
When you think of Burning Spirits , we attack a nebulous space-rock whose ramifications beyond imagination. For who said space rock said course Hawkwind Hawkwind says and says myriads of musicians who played in the group at various times.And what is Burning Spirits, connections with Hawkwind are many and complex. This group was formed in San Francisco in 1996 by a certain Don Falcone . The American musician and producer operates in obscure formations such Thessalonians ,Melting Euphoria or Spaceship Eyes , alongside this project Spirits Burnings which was one of the first groups. Falcone Burnings Raises Spirits and in fact a group of long-term will come out a dozen albums since 1999, sometimes at a rate Stakhanov. Include without sake of completeness "New worlds by design" (1999), "Reflections in a Radio Shower" (2001), "Alien Injection" (2008),"Golden age orchestra" (2009), "Behold the Action Man" (2011) or "Healthy music in broad doses" (2013). The characteristic of these albums was always contacting musicians space rock high level, among which are of course former Hawkwind but also Gong or Steve Hillage. For this new "Make believe it real" , it does not cut the tradition and found an impressive plethora of astronauts hairy, among which we should begin by singer Bridget Wishart . The latter course is part of Hawkwind (1989 to 1991 on the albums "Space Bandits" , "Palace springs" and "California brainstorm" ) but it has also led career collaboration with multiple formations asMooch , Omenopus , Osiris The Rebirth , Spaceseed or The Chumley Warner Brothers . Don Falcone, it is not his first album Spirits Burning since it has already participated in four previous discs. Regarding other musicians, the list that appears on the CD is breathtaking. There are nearly forty, some demigods of the profession : Daevid Allen (Gong), Dave Anderson (Hawkwind, Amon Düül II), Harvey Bainbridge (Hawkwind), Richard Chadwick (Hawkwind), Simon House (Hawkwind , High Tide, Robert Calvert), the inevitable Twink (Tomorrow, Pink Fairies, Pretty Things, Mick Farren and - like so - Hawkwind). Among the more obscure, the percentage of musicians who belonged to Hawkwind is almost as high as the proportion of Corsica in the French Customs. This little world has endeavored to release the album "Make believe it real" , which takes place two CDs with a CD of bonus tracks. There is a bit of everything here  : bucolic progressive rock ( "Make believe" ) thick space-rock ( "Revenant" , "Demonkind" ), techno trance ( "Be careful what you wish" , "Skyline signal" ) and long folk litany ( "Reflections" ). The second disc holds the device in the stratosphere with the dance rock of "Always (spirited away)" , the Plutonian nonchalance "No one cries in space" and "Iceflow" or psychedelic and Eastern violins "Make believe it real " . The last song "Chain of thought" ends with more than eight minutes of alternating electrical access with cosmic flutters. At all times of the album, diaphanous and ethereal voice of Bridget Wishart has breathed planing and remote atmosphere, a successful relative to atmosphere maintained by effect. aficionados find the galaxy with Hawkwind "Make believe if real" one new piece up on the big ship of space rock. Others can enjoy an interesting journey into electrical stars and music from the hyper-dimension.

Behold The Action Man
CD - £9.99

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