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Monday, 14 July 2014


File:Daevid Allen April 2004.jpgThis news from Spring Studio via the Daevid Alien Facebook group - 

"Good news! I am on my way home today! Rapid recovery began from the moment Ynys played me the drones! My lymph swelling reduced. No dressing now needed. And yesterday they x-rayed my arm and we saw that the bones are knitting so no plating operation required. More later. Needless to say i am very very grateful!! Love, Daevid xxxx"

However, there is more. An update from Harry Williamson dated Saturday 12th reads:

Daevid came home yesterday and is in great spirits feeling like a miracle has happened. Willie picked him up from Griffith and Orlando and Emma popped round. We had a celebratory Guinness or three, D having a small glass. He remains on fat free diet for at least two weeks then his Radio therapy starts. 5 days a week for 6 weeks, 140km a day in Lismore. This is likely to make him pretty nauseous towards the end.

Furthermore the bones in his arm have bonded finally so no op required there. He mentioned that Ynys downloaded the drone at Griffith and from the moment he heard it he began to heal more rapidly.We are all very relieved but we're not out of the woods quite yet. Here's hoping for a positive convalescence post radio therapy and the turning of a new leaf for Daevid.

Today I recieved this from Jem, David's neighbour. 

Kavi Tree and Ynys went to see Daevid today taking in clean sheets etc.  He's been in very good spirits for a couple of days and is looking forward to finalising his care plan. Hopefully a bed will become available in Murwillambah and he can be transfered to NSW where his home care can be worked out.  He is worried that government funding may prolong his hospitalised convalescence. His lymph is being drained less frequently which is a good sign and for now he needs to remain in Griffith University Hospital so that the consultants who did the op can observe his stats and work out what is going on. He is still on regular pain relief.

We hope to go up to see him later in the week.

Obviously his healing path is long but he is in positive high spirits and dealing with it one day at a time. Daevid would like to humbly thank everybody who has sent him healing in their own ways and wishes to reassure everybody that he is receiving strong and clear. "Not by my will but via the will of the one god love will the outcome be as it should". Thank you beloved glissers everywhere for the love. Daevid

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