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Saturday, 13 September 2014

Corky Laing’s First Concert

Corky Laing might be best known as the charismatic drummer in the hard-rocking power trio Mountain, but Mr. Laing’s career – which began in the early 60s – has been quite diverse.
In 1961, when Laing was only thirteen-years old, he played with the vocal group the Ink Spots. After several years of an apprenticeship, in 1969 he joined bassist Felix Pappalardi and guitarist Leslie West. The next two years were prolific for the Mountain, releasing three albums as well as their signature tune “Mississippi Queen.”

When Felix Pappalardi left the band, Corky Laing and Leslie West joined forces with Jack Bruce of Cream, forming West, Bruce & Laing. They released two studio albums as well as a live album.
Since the middle 70s, Mountain has reformed from time to time. Meanwhile, Corky Laing has collaborated with such luminaries as John Lennon and Bo Diddley, as well as Bobby Keyes, Ten Years After, Meat Loaf, Frank Marino, Eric Schenkman (Spin Doctors) and Noel Redding.
Here’s Corky Laing’s first concert:

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