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Sunday, 28 September 2014

INTERVIEW – Jon Davison, YES – June 2014

Grammy winning prog-rock icons YES will play their 1971 and ’72 classic albums Fragile and Close To The Edge from start to finish at Crown Theatre on Wednesday November 12, singer Jon Davison tells SHANE PINNEGAR.

In his two years as frontman for the group, Davison has seen plenty of action with the band. Firstly, he replaced his predecessor Benoit David after he suffered respiratory problems, stepping straight into an Australian tour. Then there was the Three Album tour of North America, which saw the band playing the Yes album, Close To The Edge and Going For The One in their entireties, before the band inaugurated their Cruise To The Edge prog-rock ocean-liner cruise.

About to start the U.S. leg of the Fragile/Close To The Edge tour, Davison says that the latter album is honed to perfection after a couple of years on the road, but they former is still a mystery to the band.

“You know, actually, we haven’t even tackled Fragile yet!” he laughs. “We have all been individually working on it, obviously in support of the tour, but we haven’t rehearsed as a band any of the Fragile material. So I don’t really know about that one, we’ll have to see how it goes. Close To The Edge we’ve been performing for about a year and a half so we’ve grown quite accustomed with that material.”

Born in 1971 – the same year Fragile was released – the softly spoken singer says he was a big fan of the band long before the singer’s position became vacant.

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