Saturday, 13 September 2014

Renaissance review

The 2014 Renaissance release Symphony Of Light is dedicated to Michael Dunford, the band's longtime guitarist and songwriter who passed away in 2012. The album marks his last appearance with Renaissance, the band he's kept alive with singer Annie Haslam. The group has weathered many storms — numerous personnel changes, Haslam's battle with breast cancer, long hiatuses and Dunford's death — yet through it all, the 11-song Symphony Of Light, previously issued in 2013 under the title Grandine il Vento, shines.
The title track begins with Haslam's high, operatic voice swirling around strings followed by arpeggio keys with that distinctive Renaissance bass and Dunford's perfectly placed lead acoustic under a slow steady beat. Rave Tesar's soft piano runs over the strings, Dunford's acoustic runs and Haslam's sweet vocal. "Grandine il Vento" is built around synths, piano and bass with Haslam floating over the top to create a pretty tune. Even at 67, the lady can still manage her five-octave range. She takes it further by conjuring enchanting lyrical imagery on "Porcelain."
Dawn Of Ananda . 
CD - £7.99

Still Life
CD - £7.99

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