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STEVE HILLAGE: Rainbow 77 Belgium review translated

Steve Hillage - LIVE AT THE RAINBOW 1977 

Steve Hillage is a now 63-year-old English musician who has a solo career as a blues and rock guitarist has developed, but also in bands like 'Gong', 'Khan' and underground dance band 'System 7' has played. In addition, he went in 1973 as a guitarist on tour with Kevin Ayers' live band 'Decadence' throughout the UK and France. 

End of 1975 he began his impressive solo career with the release of the debut album "Fish Rising". In total, still followed subsequently thirteen further plates. Steve Hillage came to live with a three-piece band consisting of his life partner Miquette Giraudy on keyboards, Curtis Robertson on bass and Joe Blocker on drums. The songs they played during live shows were usually long drawn out hymns that lasted between 5 and 8 minutes. 

On November 3, 1977 Steve Hillage was standing with his band on the stage of the 'Rainbow Theatre in Finsbury Park in the heart of London. It was the last show of a long tour of 14 concerts throughout the United Kingdom had begun. On October 15, 1977 The live recording of that memorable performance in the 'Rainbow Theatre' was now 37 years later released by record label 'Gonzo Multimedia. 

Steve Hillage was playing a 75 minute set of eleven songs with nine self-penned songs and two covers: "It's All Too Much" by George Harrison, for the first time was on the soundtrack to the Beatles film "Yellow Submarine" from 1969, and "Hurdy Gurdy Man," the hit of the Scottish singer-songwriter Donovan Leitch in 1968 (see the live version on the attached video). 

The compositions are mostly songs from his album "Motivation Radio" from 1977 that followed his most successful album "L" from 1976 that was produced. By Todd Rundgren Nearly 40 years later this psychedelic and progressive music still sounds as fresh and stimulating.Songs like "Light In The Sky", "Radio", "Motivation" and the fifteen-minute "Searching For The Spark" are so many years later, to the common musical heritage. 

In the 80s and 90s, Steve Hillage was particularly active as a record producer of ao 'Simple Minds', 'Cock Robin', 'The Orb' and 'The Charlatans'. But the virtuoso guitar playing of this man on his many solo albums continues to captivate music fans and why we are now convinced that the album "Live At The Rainbow 1977" will be allowed to count. Again an excellent sales 

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