Sunday, 8 March 2015

Gig review: Hawkwind/Focus, Glasgow

Still rocking: Dave Brock is still at Hawkwind's psychedelic helm, 45 years on. Picture: Dave LawTHIS primo prog rock double feature attracted a meeting of styles, tribes and even ages – testament to headliners Hawkwind’s continuing capacity to traverse musical boundaries and chime with different movements and generations.


ABC, Glasgow


The benevolent Dave Brock is still at the helm after 45 years, presiding over their varied and surprisingly sustainable diet of space rock, psych folk, pagan punk (courtesy of their mean biker bassist with the disarming tenor voice) and trancey electronica elements.

While their brand of cosmic noodle has aged rather well, their pick ‘n’ mix approach to imagery, including UV backdrops and a spectrum of spiritual symbols and political slogans, dated the show, as did their tradition of using a pseudo-shamanic female dancer who, in this instance, offered a Rocky Horror dance interlude, an aerial routine on the silks and interpretative dance with a voluminous cape.

Despite throwing all these visuals, the overall performance sounded slightly constrained, at least until the band cut loose on a closing acid wigout with violin and theremin and a propulsive encore of Orgone Accumulator and Spirit of the Age.

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