Thursday, 16 July 2015

First FZ´s Guitar was An archtop Acoustic

The very first FZ´s guitar was an archtop acoustic one; bought in audition by his brother Bobby for $1.50.

FZ:"It didn't have a make on it – it had been kinda sandblasted! My brother got it for $1.50 at an auction and it was an archtop, f-hole, ugly motherfKCOer with the strings about a half-inch off the fingerboard. I liked it because it was so tinny-sounding. It was just an acoustic guitar, but it was moving closer to that wiry tone I liked with Johnny Guitar Watson, especially if you picked it right next to the bridge."
It is Johnny Guitar Watson....

The first purpose behind creating the archtop guitar was high-quality acoustic performance. Around the turn of the 20th century archtops were being developed simply because guitar players anxiously needed a thing that would be loud and punchy enough to cut through huge ensembles with no kind of amplification.

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