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Thursday, 10 September 2015

Steve Hackett Ready to Wolflight Up Liverpool & Salford again

Steve Hackett (c) Armando Gallo
“I was trying to write a rock album with the kind of outlook I associate with the orchestral perspectives used in cinema,” explains former Genesis guitarist Steve Hackett on theSWEEPING majesty on his latest solo album, Wolflight. The album was released to world wide acclaim back in March and some of which will be performed on tour across the UK and Europe during the Autumn, including gigs at The Liverpool Philharmonic Hall and The Lowry in Salford. 

“I’m particularly looking forward to playing The Philharmonic Hall again and, also, The Lowry. I’ve got a great many friends in those areas and of course both have a terrific musical and cultural history. For instance, with regards to Liverpool, visiting the Slave museum was a part of the research for Black Thunder on Wolflight, as it deals with the Civil Rights movement under Martin Luther King. It’s also pretty impossible not to be affected by the impact Liverpool has made on music over the years, and not only The Beatles but other great bands too. As for The Lowry, it’s a venue I’ve PLAYED a number of times before and it is one I always look forward to playing.”



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