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Wednesday, 16 September 2015


On October 13th at The Islington we present a special evening dedicated to the life and legacy of John Peel. Eleven years after his death we're taking advantage of the publication of a splendid new book looking closely at the music he played on his radio programmes to celebrate his unique contribution to the cultural life of modern Britain.

On The Islington's comfortable sofas that evening will be:
David Hepworth, who remembers Peel introducing Cream's live version of Crossroads in 1968 and interviewed him on what seemed to be the very advanced occasion of his fortieth birthday in 1979;
Mark Ellen, who tasted the poisoned chalice known as "sitting in for Peel" during the 80s and interviewed him on more than one occasion;
Trevor Dann, who was one of the radio presenters who learned how to DJ from listening to Peel, and as part of Radio One's management in the 90s had many dealings with Peel; 
David Cavanagh, who's written a new book called Good Night and Good Riddance, which tracks in detail the music that Peel played and the things he said between the music over a period of thirty-five years.
There'll be archive, anecdotes, analysis, insider insight and the usual hefty slug of baseless gossip and it will all be recorded for podcasting.
As will our other guest for the evening, Zoë Howe, acclaimed biographer of Stevie Nicks, Wilko Johnson and the Jesus and Mary Chain, who'll be talking about her new book Lee Brilleaux - Rock'n'Roll Gentleman.
If you don't want to miss anything that we might have to leave on the cutting room floor or just want a unique night out in comfortable surroundings within reach of a refreshing alcoholic drink, then get your tickets here.

In other news with a Word In Your Ear connection, Mark Billingham and My Darling Clementine are performing their acclaimed original work The Other Half  at the St. James Theatre on October 7th, David Hepworth is talking to Mark Lewisohn about the Beatles at King's Place on October 5th, Mark Ellen is hosting Sex, Drugs and Bacon Rolls at the Cheltenham Festival on October 4th and Alex Gold is touring the UK with Kansas-born chanteuse Piney Gir until early October

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