Thursday, 12 November 2015

Steve Hackett of Genesis and GTR

If progressive rock had a Mount Rushmore, we would surely see Steve Hackett’s face carved there.

As lead guitarist for Genesis (1970-1977) and cofounder (with Steve Howe of Yes and Asia) of short-lived mid-80s ‘super group’ GTR, Steve Hackett’s influence is vast. From Phish, Van Halen, Queen and Rush to Kate Bush, Trans-Siberian Orchestra , Porcupine Tree and Spock’s Beard – Hackett’s impact ripples through them all.

Brought up on Bach, opera, blues and pop, Hackett was one of the first to successfully marry rock and classical music in his solo career (21 albums and counting). A wildly inventive musical journeyman with a penchant for collaboration, Hackett is as keen to see where new ideas will lead as he is to recast old ideas in a new light.

2015 has seen a whole lotta Hackett. His new album “Wolflight” is his first in four years consisting of newly crafted material. Last month, a DVD documentary on his life (“The Man, The Music”) hit No. 5 on the UK sales chart followed days later by the release of a 14-disc box set from Universal/Virgin called “Premonitions: The Charisma Years (1975-1983).” The box contains his first six solo albums, unreleased material, live recordings and new remixes by Steven Wilson.

Just added to the parade of Steve Hackett-related releases is a newly remastered edition of the GTR album. The two disc set includes a bonus live CD recorded in Los Angeles in 1986 during the band’s only world tour.


Spectral Mornings
DVD - £5.99

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