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Sunday, 1 May 2011

Jon Anderson Survival and Other Stories Official Release

Jon Anderson will release his collaborative album Survival and Other Stories through Gonzo on June 6th. The album was available only at the Merchandise store on the Jon Anderson and Rick Wakeman UK tour dates last year.

Due to the huge demand for the abum the decision has now been taken to release the album on a more widespread basis. However the album will be slightly different in that Jon wants to make some changes not least he wants to remix parts of the album.

It is hoped that the album will be available to order directly from the Gonzo website prior to the release date of June 6th. Other plans include a possible podcast and a dedicated website for the album. Check back here for more news and developements or the Official Jon Anderson website which is


Jon announced the release on his facebook page and also made reference to the proposed Anderson/Wakeman/Rabin project which has had the fan forums buzzing. Jon'sannouncement is below

Hi peeps, at last 'VoicePrint' will be releasing 'Survival and other Stories' with some remixing here and there, it's a special album of songs, so please tell your friends to place an order, lots of fun. Janee and I on the road next week, music and singing coming your way, all is great with Trev, Rick and Myself, writing ideas , and thinking of next year already..All is positive...be good, have fun...Jon”

The track listing for Survival and Other Stories is below!

1. New New World
2. Understanding Truth
3. Unbroken Spirit
4. Love of the Life
5. Big Buddha Song
6. Incoming
7. Effortlessly
8. Love and Understanding
9. Just One Man
10. Sharpening The Sword
11. Cloudz

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