Sunday, 29 May 2011

Tony Palmer Gives Talk at Westminster Library 23rd May 2011

On Mon 23rd May Tony Palmer raced into Westminster library, Leicester Square after a painful journey in.

"Trouble at South Kensington," he said, putting two bags with boxes of DVDs on the floor. "Shall I hold them off?" I asked, pointing to the packed room of 50 attendees eagerly awaiting the arrival of the hallowed director. "No," he replied, taking off his coat. "I'm ready."

I had no need of introducing Tony. The gathered throng knew who he was. After a brief introduction, priming the crowd for buying all of Tony's Voiceprint DVDs, away he went. For over two and a half hours he explained the genesis of move from Cambridge University rag journalist, to the BBC and directing films about the subjects he wanted. David Attenborough, Michael Palin and Terry Jones, John Lennon all crept into conversation; mentioned rather than name dropped.

However,Tony's main agenda was in discussing his love of classical music and theories on the composers. His Wagner off tape tale a revelation in itself. Rock fans will have to come back in September when Tony has promised to explain his role as chosen director for the counter culture.

A superb night was had by all, with young and old asking questions and Tony always delivering.

Jon 'Mojo' Mills,
Shindig! Magazine,

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