Thursday, 27 December 2012


DGM Ltd.
P.O. Box 1533, Salisbury
Wiltshire SP5 5ER
(44) 1722 780 187 Tel
(44) 1722 781 042 Fax
Robert Fripp - Managing Director
David Singleton - Label Manager

Dear Team,

A call to action and engagement for all who share our sense of injustice at the practices of the major record labels (spit spit) and our belief that there is a better way.

As many will know, DGM hosts THE VICAR CHRONICLES, semi-fictional stories about the inner madness of the music industry (“Sherlock Holmes meets Spinal Tap”), which have grown into a groundbreaking multimedia project covering Novels, Graphic Novels, Videobooks, Audiobooks and the first Songbook by The Vicar himself – a project that would normally need the financial and marketing clout of those self-same major labels (more spitting and cursing).

This project deserves to succeed on its own merits, not on the “unmarketing” of which we were recently accused on the DGM Live website.

I would like to put on public record right now, once and for all: I AM NOT THE VICAR” - Brian Eno
The Vicar saves musicians. Simple.” – Emma B
The Vicar? Half Budhha, half backstreet ****” – Nick Cave
Throughout my life I've frequently found myself, metaphorically speaking, sat on the Vicar's knee…”  - David Sylvian
Since working with the Vicar I can NEVER...EVER feel the same way about Alpacas…” – Andy Partridge
“THE VICAR is a genius. He didn’t pay me to play on his record, but he paid me to say that.” - Bill Rieflin
All we are saying, VICAR, is Give Drums a Chance” – Bill Bruford

The wondrous world of The Vicar is only a click away on iTunes and Amazon. Dear Innocents, please sample, share and part with your hard-earned pay if you deem the Vicar project worthy; and even if you don’t. Along the way, perhaps we can discover and create an alternative model for this industry.

David Singleton and Robert Fripp
The Mysterious Case of Billy’s G String
Amazon US $2.99 (Kindle)
Amazon UK £2.46 (Kindle)
iBooks US $2.99 (iPad)
iBooks UK £2.49 (iPad)
The Mysterious Case of Billy’s G String
(Graphic Novel)
Amazon US $9.99 (Kindle Fire)
Amazon UK £7.49 (Kindle Fire)
iBooksUS $9.99 (iPad)
iBooks UK £6.49 (iPad)
THE VICAR Songbook #1
Amazon MP3 US $8.99
Amazon MP3 UK £7.49
iTunes US $9.99
iTunes UK £7.99
HD Tracks US $14.98

Digital release November 2012.      Physical release Books - 28th Jan 2013. CD/DVDA - Feb 2013

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