Sunday, 30 December 2012

JON ANDERSON: Does anyone know where this is from?

Its professionally filmed, and comes complete with a caption that reads: "Busco informacion de este concierto,me indican que fué filmado en el Palacio de los deportes." This translates as "Searching for information about this concert, I show that was filmed at the Palais des Sports." The bloke who posted it is from Costa Rica, so it seems a good guess that this is where the show was filmed....unless someone knows better


  1. This was released as a CD and a DVD by Jon Anderson himself. See the Yescography entry for details:

  2. I believe it was from his 1993 South America Tour, the video was sold briely even though it might not have been directly from Jon Anderson or his Opio Foundation. I used to have it but might have sold it when VCR became extinct several years ago. You folks should try to contact Jon Anderson and maybe Gonzo can release it as DVD.

  3. This definitely was from the 1993 South American tour (coinciding with the release of Toltec, I believe). It was released as a VHS and CD, but it was not endorsed by Jon. It was released without his authorization by someone who had access, and I remember hearing an interview with Jon in which is he was not happy about the release because it "was not a finished product". I am not sure if the "Owner" segment is on the actual VHS. I have copies.


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