Saturday, 20 April 2013

GONZO ALBUM REVIEW: "Wild Education" by Supra Naturals

Supra Naturals
"Wild Education"

CYK Records

"With a powerful, almost supernatural force these guys blast their mixture of  drum 'n bass, Rock, Punk along with a pinch of Dubstep on your eardrums at the fastest pace known to man," the information from the record company declares.

They omitted to mention there's more than a spoonful of The Faust Tapes in the mix, as well.

The guitaring style is often in the grungy distorted driving rock area, the backing effects a weird mixture of trance and prog, and the vocal delivery either angry punk or in the hip-hop/rap zone. Sometimes, the lyrics are about as clear as those of Crass in their more excited or angry moments.

Sufficiently interested to find out where they're from, I looked them up on Yahoo Search and found they're a Dutch outfit that started out as a dub/remix band.  Dub effects still seem to form part of the overall sound — DJ deck-mix effects, I suppose one might compare them to.

The record company spiel says, "With  surgical precision Youri de Bruijn, Chris Pedis and Kit Carrera bring their slightly confusing concoction to the masses."

I'm not so sure about the surgical precision bit. If this is surgery then it's happening in a field hospital that's under constant attack, and all the staff have been sampling the medical supplies first.

I'd agree with the "slightly confusing" remark, though. When even the band's own record label says that, you know you'd better fasten a seatbelt or two before playing it.

OK. I reckon this release could win them a few friends over here in the UK.

As the track "Smoke" regularly snarls: stop predicting, and bring it on!

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