Neil Forker ‏@noforker
Is there a chance that Yes may record “Go Through This” for the next album?

I think the short answer is that you’ll have to wait and see. We’re not sure if we’re going to record any past songs that have been worked on and released in any form at all. That’s what Fly From here was about; revisiting some of that retro material. We’ll just have to see where it goes when we get into the studio.
Meg Kamiya
Dear Steve, I read the book written by your daughter-in-law and was surprised that you had (or still have?) the Sex Pistols’ album on your LP shelf in the late 70s. do you still listen to any recent bands’ music and if so who’s your favourite? Xxx
There was an interesting rise in the mid 2000s— you know: 2005;2006—of bands with a lot of energy, and it was very straight ahead rock and roll, and it was very influenced by punk, and that was The Libertines. I like The Libertines because they were a true kind of rock band, and they both had their songs and they both had their attitude, and then Pete Doherty went on and formed Babyshambles, which I also liked what they did, especially the first album—I thought that was terrific—he had this incessant style of rock. And then the other guy from The Libertines, Carl Barât, formed a band called Dirty Pretty Things, and I got their album Waterloo to Anywhere, and that was pretty damn good, too. I saw Pete Doherty play one of his songs on acoustic guitar and I think that’s when I realized that he was pretty talented. One can only keep ones fingers crossed that he can get back on the straight and narrow … every now and again the producer will kind of pull him ‘round and get him back into shape and back into the studio … but of course his destiny lays within himself; he is a very talented writer as are the other band members in The Libertines, so I wish them luck.

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