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Friday, 29 November 2013

Fankhauser Cassidy Band albums reissued in CD set

A two-CD set of blues music by the Fankhauser Cassidy Band has been released by Gonzo Multimedia 11 months after the death of jazz and rock drummer Ed Cassidy.

The first “On the Blue Road” disc includes 12 songs from the original album by that name released on the D-Town Records label in 1994, said Arroyo Grande singer, songwriter and guitarist Merrell Fankhauser.

The second disc consists of 11 songs from “Further On Up the Road,” an album released on the Comet label in Italy in 1998, plus an interview with Cassidy.

The former drummer with the 1960s band Spirit spent the last 10 years of his life in Arroyo Grande. He and Fankhauser recorded several albums as the Fankhauser Cassidy Band.

“It’s a nice tribute to Cass and has one of the last interviews I did with him included,” Fankhauser said of the CD set. “They styled the artwork around a ’57 Chevy, as you know that was his car.”

Cassidy was often seen driving around the South County in his black-and-white 1957 Chevrolet prior to his death in December 2012 in San Jose. He was known as the “oldest performing rock ’n’ roll drummer” when he died at 89.

Fankhauser, a surf music and psychedelic folk rock innovator who, as leader of The Impacts, wrote the hit “Wipeout,” said he first met Cassidy backstage at a concert in 1969.

He said they ran into each other again in 1990 and ended up jamming together.

Fankhauser also interviewed both Cassidy and his stepson, Spirit guitarist and singer Randy California, for his national satellite TV show “California Music.”

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On The Blue Road
CD - £9.99

Rainbow Bridge Revisited
DVD/CD - £9.99

Area 51 Suite
2CD - £9.99

Tiki Lounge Vol 1
DVD/CD - £12.99

The Best Of
2CD - £11.99

The Return To Mu
CD - £9.99

Tiki Lounge Vol 2
DVD/CD - £12.99

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